ARG Circuit Series Championship 20k: Round 3 Nate Forte (Madolche) vs. Sean McCabe (Geargia)

ARG D.C. Champ Nate Forte is battling it out against veteran Sean McCabe.  Nate is once again championing the deck that gave him his victory, Madolche, while Sean is piloting the dominating force from last format in Geargia.  Both decks can play the slow game or explode with devastating combos.  We're about to find out which archetype moves on undefeated!

Nate goes first and Normal Summons Madolche Anjelly to bring out Madolche Hootcake in defense which gets Madolche Messengelato which then searches Madolche Ticket. He plays ticket sets one and passes.

Sean sets two and passes.  During the End Phase Nate hits Dimensional Prison with Mystical Space Typhoon.

Nate Special Summons Spell Striker by banishing Mystical Space Typhoon. He then Special Summons T.G. Warwolf.  Sean uses Torrential Tribute in response, wiping the field.  Madolche Ticket searches Anjelly for Nate which is then Normal Summoned and used to get Hootcake.  Hootcake brings out Messengelato to search Madolche Chateau.  During the End Phase, Nate searches T.G. Striker.

8000 (Nate) - 3900 (Sean)

Sean Normal Summons Fire Hand then rams it into Hootcake, but Nate chains Maxx “C”. Fire Hand destroys Gelato then brings out Ice Hand.  Messengelato goes to his hand  Ice Hand crashes into Hootcake and destroys TIcket.  He crashes Fire Hand, then Ice swings directly.

6600 (Nate) - 2500 (Sean) 

Nate Mystical Space Typhoon's Sean's set Breakthrough Skill.  He then Special Summons T.G. Striker then Summons Hootcake to bring out Messengelato.  He specials Spell Striker and Sean scoops it up, knowing he's dead on the field.

A flurry of Special Summons by Nate is too much for Sean to overcome!

Game 2

Sean elects to go second, hoping the extra card will give him an advantage.

Nate opens once again with Anjelly to Special Summon Hootcake bring out Messengelato and chains T.G. Warwolf to Special Summon it.  Messengelato then searches Ticket.  Hootcake and Warwolf Xyz summon Leviair the Sea Dragon.  Leviair brings back Anjelly in defense and he passes the turn.

Sean draws for turn.  He Normal Summons Geargiarmor, then Special Summons Geargiaccelerator.  He Xyz Summons Evilswarm Exciton Knight to wipe the field.  He sets two to his backrow and passes.

Nate draws for turn and Normal Summons Madolche Magileine to add Madolche Anjelly to his hand.  He sets one and passes.

Sean Normal Summons Ice Hand.  Exciton runs over Magiliene and Ice Hand gets in directly.  

6600 (Nate) - 8000 (Sean)

Nate Normal Summons another Magileine to search out Madolche Mewfeuille.  During Battle Phase , Nate chains Mystical Space Typhoon to the attack to destroy Fiendish Chain and clear away the Ice Hand.  

Sean Normal Summons Ice Hand then swings with the team.

2800 (Nate)  - 8000 (Sean)

Nate uses Mystical Space Typhoon but Sean chains Compulsory Evacuation Device on his Ice Hand.  He then Normal Summons Mewfeuille and Sean chains Maxx “C.”  Mewfeuille brings out Madolche Hootcake.  Hootcake attempts to banish Leviair but Sean D.D. Crows it.

Sean Normal Summons Geargianao to bring back Geargiaccelerator.  Exciton Knight runs over Hootcake and Ice Hand gets in directly.

1400 - 8000

Nate Normal Summons Anjelly but Sean has the Solemn Warning, forcing Nate to concede.  We’re going to Game 3!

Game 3

Nate Upstart Goblin's, sets one to his backrow along with a monster and passes the turn.

8000 (Nate) - 9000 (Sean)

Sean Dark Hole's and hits T.G. Warwolf then sets a monster and a backrow.  End Phase Nate searches T.G.striker

Nate flips up Ticket then specials T.G. Striker in defense.  He then Normal Summons Hootcake but Sean has Fiendish Cain.  He Synchro Summons Armades, Keeper of Boundaries and runs over Geargiarmor, nullifying the effect.

Sean Normal Summons Geargiarmor then specials Accelerator.  He Xyz Summons Cairngorgon and runs over Armades.

7850 (Nate) - 9000 (Sean)

Nate normals Madolche Mewfeuille to bring out Hootcake.  Hootcake banishes T.G. Striker to bring out Anjelly.  Anjelly gets Messengelato which searches Chateau.  Hootcake and Mewfeuille overlay for M-X-Saber Invoker.  Invoker Special Summons another Messengelato.  Both overlay for Madolche Tiaramisu.  Tiaramisu bounces Cairngorgon, while Ticket adds Mewfeuille.

7850 (Nate) - 5200 (Sean)

Sean Normal Summons Fire Hand and crashes into M-X-Saber to bring out Ice Hand and kill Tiaramisu.  Ice Hand connects then he passes the turn.

6450 (Nate) - 5200 (Sean)

Nate's Mystical Space Typhoon hits Sean's set Breakthrough Skill.  Nate then activates Chateau and recycles his graveyard.  Ticket adds ANjelly.  He then Normal Summons Mewfeuille, to get Anjelly into Hootcake.  Hootcake gets Messengelato.  He then overlays to Xyz Summon Leviair to bring back Anjelly.  He makes another Tiaramisu to get rid of Ice Hand and swings directly.

6450 (Nate) - 1200 (Sean)

Sean sees his last card and offers the handshake, unable to deal with Nate's field.

Nate keeps the Madolche Menace alive and undefeated!

Joe Soto