ARG Circuit Series Championship 20k: Round 4 Jarred Randolph (Spellbooks) vs. Dirk Wagner (HAT)

We have a battle of X-1's here in Round 4.  Jarred Randolph is running Spellbooks while Dirk Wagner is running HAT.  Spellbooks are notorious for having a good matchup against HAT, so we'll see if Dirk is able to go against this philosophy and take a win!

Dirk elects to go first after winning the die roll.  He Normal Summons Kuribandit then sets three. During the End Phase he excavates Artifact Moralltach, Pot of Duality, Artifact Sanctum, Kuribandit, and Upstart Goblin, adding Sanctum.

Jarred draws for turn then Normal Summons Spellbook Magician but Dirk Chains Breakthrough Skill.  During Battle Phase Dirk activates Sanctum to Special Summon Artifact Beagalltach to hit his set Moralltach to pop Spellbook Magician.  Jarred sets two and passes.

Dirk swings with Moralltach, sets one and passes

5900 (Jarred) - 8000 (Dirk)

Jarred activates Spellbook Library of the Crescent to search out Spellbook of Secrets, The Grand Spellbook Tower, and Spellbook of Fate, adding The Grand Spellbook Tower.  Next, he Normal Summons Justice of Prophecy.  He then activates Spellbook of Power on Justice.  Justice attempts to run over Moralltach. Dirk responds with Sanctum to bring out Moralltach to destroy Justice but Jarred has Fiendish Chain!  The attack goes through, so Power grabs Secrets, and Secrets searches out Fate.  Jarred then activates Fate and banishes Beagalltach.  During the End Phase he adds Eternity and High Priestess of Prophecy to his hand.

5900 (Jarred) - 7500 (Dirk)

Dirk draws and goes into the tank, mulling over how to deal with the upcoming Priestess play.  He sets one and passes back to Jarred.

Jarred starts off with a Secrets to grab Spellbook of Wisdom.  He then reveals Master, Wisdom, and Tower to Special Summon High Priestess and Dirk chains Maxx “C” to draw a card.  Priestess banishes Fate to destroy Dirk’s set, but Dirk chains it which is a Sanctum to grab Beagalltach.  Jarred chains Wisdom to protect priestess from sanctum.  then uses master to copy eternity to grab fate.  Priestess runs over Beagalltach.  He then activates Tower, sets two and passes.

Dirk uses Pot of Duality which reveals Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare, Maxx “C” and Soul Charge, grabbing Soul Charge.  He sets one to his back row and passes the turn.

Jarred’s Tower returns Eternity, netting him a card.  He banishes Master with Priestess to pop Dirk’s set Artifact Ignition.  He then flips over a set Secrets to add Eternity to his hand.  A Pot of Duality reveals Book of Moon, Priestess, and Wisdom, as he chooses to add Book of Moon.  Eternity grabs back Master, and Master is then used to copy Eternity to grab Power.  He attempts to attack but is unable to due to ignition.  he sets one and passes.

Dirk sets two and passes.  

During Jarred’s Standby Phase, Dirk chains Call of the Haunted to Tower’s effect but Jarred chains Fate (banishing Fate, Wisdom,and Power) to banish Call.  He returns Eternity to draw a card.  He banishes Fate with Priestess to pop Dirk’s set Torrential Tribute.  Master then copies Eternity to get back Fate.  Priestess runs over Moralltach, then he sets two and passes

5900 (Jarred) -  7100 (Dirk)

A Soul Charge by Dirk is met with a Solemn Warning from Jarred.  He then Normal Summons Myrmeleo to add Bottomless Trap Hole to his hand.  He passes without setting.

3900 (Jarred) - 7100 (Dirk)

Tower returns Eternity to draw Jarred a card.  Priestess banishes Master to destroy Myrmeleo.  Jarred Normal Summons Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, and Dirk concedes the game to move onto Game 2.  

Game 2

Dirk elects to go first Game 2.  He sets three to his back row and passes.  

Jarred sets three and passes.

Dirk sets one more and passes.

Jarred passes without a play.

Dirk activates Pot of Duality revealing Bottomless Trap Hole, Kuribandit, and Moralltach, adding Kuribandit.  He then Normal Summons Kuribandit but Jarred chains Book of Moon.  Dirk passes.

Jarred draws for turn and Normal Summons Spellbook Magician to search out Crescent.  Crescent searches out Secrets, Wisdom, and Fate, adding Wisdom.  During Main Phase, Dirk activates Ignition on his set Moralltach, searching out another Moralltach to his back row and destroying magician.  Jarred then reveals Master, Life, and Tower to Special Summon Priestess.  On the summon, Dirk chains Sanctum to Special Summon Beagalltach in defense.  Beagalltach attempts to pop his set Moralltach but Jarred has the Fiendish Chain.  Jarred then activates Master, revealing Secrets to copy Crescent.  Crescent searches out Secrets, Power, and Eternity, adding Eternity.  Priestess runs over Moralltach.  Main Phase 2 he banishes Master to destroy Dirk’s Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare but Jarred chains Wisdom.  He then activates Tower and passes the turn.

8000 (Jarred) - 7600 (Dirk)

Dirk activates Soul Charge on Moralltach and Beagalltach to then Xyz Summon Constellar Pleiades.  He then uses Pleiades to bounce his set Kuribandit which is then Normal Summoned.  He sets two then End Phase excavates Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare, Breakthrough Skill, Artifact Sanctum, Torrential Tribute, and Double Cyclone, adding Double Cyclone to his hand.

8000 (Jarred) - 5600 (Dirk)

Tower returns Wisdom for Jarred, giving him another card.  Still in Standby Phase, Dirk uses Call of the Haunted on Moralltach to destroy Priestess.  Jarred sets one to his back row and passes.

Moralltach and Pleiades connect directly.  Dirk sets one then passes.

3400 (Jarred) - 5600 (Dirk)

Tower attempts to activate, and Dirk chains Double Cyclone to destroy Tower and his set Moralltach.  Jarred chains Torrential Tribute to the summon, and Dirk uses Pleiades to bounce his Call of the Haunted back to his hand.  Jarred activates Life, revealing Eternity to banish Spellbook Magician and Special Summon Priestess.  He then uses Eternity to get back Master.  He uses Master, revealing Power, to copy Crescent.  Crescent searches out Fate, Secrets, and Tower, adding Secrets.  He uses Secrets to search out Spellbook Magician to get Fate.  Priestes and Magician connect directly.  He sets two and passes.

3400 (Jarred) - 2600 (Dirk)

Dirk Normal Summons Kuribandit then attacks Spellbook Magician.  He sets one, and during the End Phase, excavates Upstart Goblin, Dark Hole, Malevolent Catastrophe, Breakthrough Skill, and Traptrix Dionaea, adding Dark Hole.

2900 (Jarred) - 2600 (Dirk)

Jarred uses a Spellbook of Power and Dirk offers the handshake, unable to stop the giant Priestess.

Jarred and Dirk are both still alive, but Jarred has some extra breathing room moving on in the tournament!

Joe Soto