ARG Circuit Series Columbus: Parker Roberson (Shaddolls) vs. Rosty Elkun (Burning Abyss)

Here we are from the Greater Columbus Convention Center!  We have over 200 duelists here vying for the top prize.  This round we have the pleasure to bring you Parker Roberson and his Shaddolls vs. ARG's Rosty Elkun and his Burning Abyss!  The matchup between these two archetypes has quickly become the hottest battle for supremacy right now, so we should be in for a treat.

Game 1


Parker wins the die roll and elects to go first.  He sets a monster and two backrow and passes to Rosty.

Rosty starts with a summon of Mathematician to send Dragon and destroy parkers set Sinister Shadow Games, which Parker chains to flip up Squamata and destroy Mathematician while sending Beast to the grave to draw himself a card.  He sets two backrow and passes over to Parker.

Parker specials White Dragon Wyverbuster then turns Squamata to attack mode.  Both monsters swing, then MP2 Parker Xyz Summons Lavalval Chain.  He detaches Squamata and Rosty responds with Effect Veiler. During the End Phase Rosty uses Phoenix Wing Wind Blast discarding Scarm to spin Parker's set Burst Rebirth and search himself a copy of Scarm.

8000 (Parker) - 4500 (Rosty)

Rosty draws for turn then summons Dragon in attack to run over Lavalval Chain.

7900 (Parker) - 4500 (Rosty)

Parker banishes Squamata and White Dragon Wyverbuster to Special Summons Chaos Sorcerer.  Chaos Sorc runs over Dragon.  Mp2 he tributes set Chaos Sorcerer, sets one and passes.

7900 (Parker) - 4100 (Rosty)

Rosty summons Tour Guide but Parker has Vanity's Emptiness.

Parker flips up his set Beast but Rosty stops it with another Effect Veiler.  He summons Dragon and swings.

7900 (Parker) - 1000 (Rosty)

Rosty draws for turn and scoops up his cards, unable to break through Vanity's Emptiness!

Game 2


Rosty elects to go first for Game 2.  He starts with an Upstart Goblin to dig one deeper.  Rosty specials Scarm then tribute sets and passes the turn after setting two backrow.

9000 (Parker) - 8000 (Rosty)

Parker draws for turn, sets four backrow and then plays Charge of the Light Brigade, milling Hedgehog, Beast, and Sinister Shadow Games while adding a Lyla to his hand.  He then Normal Summons the Lyla, and Rosty responds with a Phoenix Wing Wind Blast discarding Scarm to spin Lyla.  During the End Phase he adds Tour Guide to his hand with the effect of Scarm.

Rosty Normal Summons Tour Guide and brings out Cir in attack mode.  He then flips up his set Beast to draw two cards, discarding Dragon to pop Parker's set Rivalry of Warlords.  When Rosty goes to attack, Parker responds with a second Rivalry of Warlords!  Rosty chooses Fiends, sending Beast to the grave.  He sets one and ends.

6400 (Parker) - 8000 (Rosty)

Parker summons Lyla then uses its effect to destroy Rosty's set Trap Stun.  He then uses Sinister Shadow Games to send Dragon to destroy Rosty's last backrow.  He chains it, a Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, discarding Phoenix Wing Wind Blast to spin Parker's set card.  During the End Phase Parker mills Falco, Shaddoll Fusion, and Forbidden Lance with Lyla.  Falco summons itself to the field facedown before Rosty's turn.

Rosty runs over Lyla with Cir then turns Tour Guide to defense.  He then summons a Cir to die then bring back Scarm to die.  During the End Phase he adds Tour Guide to his hand.

Parker starts his turn by flipping up Falco to bring back Beast facedown.  He then uses Shaddoll Fusion, sending Squamata and Falco to the grave to Fusion Summon El Shaddoll Winda.  Squamata sends Beast to the grave to draw him a card.  Winda runs over Cir which brings back Scarm to immediately die.  During the End Phase Rosty adds Graff to his hand.

6400 (Parker) - 7400 (Rosty)

Rosty draws for turn and passes with no play.

Parker flips up his set Beast to draw two card, discarding another Beast.  He sets another backrow then passes.

6400 (Parker) - 5200 (Rosty)

Rosty starts with an Upstart Goblin, hoping to find an out to Rivalry.  He sets one backrow and passes.  During the End Phase, Parker flips up another Sinister Shadow Games to send Dragon and destroy Rosty's set Karma Cut.

Parker shows a set Squamata and Rosty offers the handshake!

7400 (Parker) - 5200 (Rosty)


Parker advances to Round 2 with a pristine record!


Joe Soto