ARG Circuit Series Fort Worth – Deck Analysis: Harpies!



Player Name- Kevin Silva
Shoutouts- Kevin Klein "Best deckbuilder, even better than Jeff Jones"
What made you decide to play this deck?
The deck just has sheer power, and is just quick on it's feet. The deck can otk while getting rid of problems, Hunting Ground is just so strong with heavy gone.
Worst match up/difficult match up- Constellar because you have to keep your Harpie on the field. Pleadies is a huge problem. Dragon Rulers are also a problem because of the sheer size of their monsters. Because of that my side is geared towards beating dragon rulers.
Best match up- The deck all around has a good matchup. If you have a deck that can be as versatile as this, to be able to go into rank 4's, 7's, destroy back rows, and have an extra deck that can't be touched then you have a good deck.
[ccDeck="Main Deck"]3 Harpie Channeler:3 Harpie Queen:3 Harpie Lady One:2 Mist Valley Falcon:2 Effect Veiler:2 Maxx C:1 Harpies Pet Dragon:3 Pot of Duality:3 Hysteric Sign:3 Harpies Hunting Ground:2 Elegant Egotist:2 Mystical Space Typhoon:1 Dark Hole:3 Magical Hats:3 Hysteric Party:3 Fiendish Chain:1 Call of the Haunted [/ccDeck]
[ccDeck="Extra Deck"]1 Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack:1 Number Eleven Big Eye:2  Harpies Phantasmal Dragon:2 Gagaga Cowboy:2 Lightning Chidori:1 GemKnight Pearl:1 Diamond Dire Wolf:1 Number Fifty Blackship of Corn:1 Daigusto Emeral:1 Ice Beast Zerofyne:1 Maestroke the Symphony Djinn:1 Evilswarm Ouroboros [/ccDeck]
[ccDeck="Side Deck"]3 Imperial Iron Wall:3 Vanitys Emptiness:2 Gozen Match:2 Imperial Custom:2 Icarus Attack:1 Soul Drain:1 Torrential Tribute:1 Mystical Space Typhoon [/ccDeck]
What are the most important cards in the deck- Hysteric sign, Magical hats (gets you sign faster), Hysteric Party to otk, and a Harpie Lady on the field.
What is your ideal opening in the deck-  Hysteric Sign, Harpie's Hunting Ground, Harpie monster, and Hysteric Party. This will let me pop my hysteric sign and already have my party set up.
Cool plays with the deck- Having Mist Valley Falcon and the ability to recur my continuous traps. Being able to shut off my Vanity's Emptiness so that I can go off and then setting it so that my opponent can't.
Tech cards- Mist Valley Falcon, Magical Hats, and Imperial Custom. Imperial Custom I chose to side due to the fact that Black Rose Dragon and Raigeki Break/Mystical Space Typhoon are cards.
What cards are you not playing that are normally played- Summoner Monk because it doesn't interact with Gozen Match and feeds into the hand traps. Plus you have magical hats to get hysteric sign so Summoner Monk is unneeded.
Preferred plays- Harpies Phantasmal Dragon because late game it's basically guaranteed 6000 damage. Also my opponents don't have very many answers to it because back rows are gone. Royal Decree doesn't hurt the deck because you have hunting ground, which you can search using harpie queen, and 3 mst.