ARG Circuit Series Fort Worth – Deck Analysis: Maiden Prophecy!


Player Name: Johnny Nguyen

Hometown: Wichita, Kansas

Shoutouts- "Shouout to Team DKF w/ Dubkdad1 who I have a YouTube with. Also alllllllll of YUGITUBE!"

What made you decide to play this deck? I believe the deck is still the best because now you can run traps for defense and no more dead jowgen. Plus World of Prophecy is a card. I chose the Blue Eyes build because maiden is a standalone card. It lets me set up offensively and play my Prophecy cards more freely. It's also a tuner, which allows me to normal and go into blader and a blue eyes in the same turn.

[ccDeck="Main Deck"]3 Spellbook Magician of Prophecy:3 Temperance of Prophecy:2 Maiden with Eyes of Blue:2 High Priestess of Prophecy:1 World of Prophecy:1 Blue-Eyes White Dragon:3 Spellbook of Secrets:3 Spellbook Library of Crescent:2 The Grand Spellbook Tower:2 Spellbook of the Master:2 Spellbook of Fate:2 Spellbook of Eternity:2 Spellbook of Wisdom:2 Pot of Duality:1 Spellbook of Power:1 Spellbook of Life:1 Book of Moon:2 Fiendish Chain:2 Mirror Force:1 Torrential Tribute:1 Solemn Warning:1 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast [/ccDeck]
[ccDeck="Extra Deck"]1 Mist Bird Clausolas:1 Ally of Justice Catastor:1 T.G. Hyper Librarian:1 Tempest Magician:1 Arcanite Magician:1 Black Rose Dragon:1 Scrap Dragon:1 Crimson Blader:1 Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon:1 Gachi Gachi Gantetsu:1 Herald of Pure Light:1 Daigusto Phoenix:1 Shining Elf:1 Number Eleven Big Eye:1 Hierophant of Prophecy[/ccDeck]
[ccDeck="Side Deck"]2 Maxx "C":2 Breaker, The Magical Warrior:2 Kycoo, The Ghost Destroyer:1 Dimensional Fissure:3 Mystical Space Typhoon:1 Soul Drain:2 Debunk:2 Rivalry of Warlords[/ccDeck]
Worst match up/difficult match up- "Dragon Rulers are still a problem. Their [ccProd]Pot of Greed[/ccProd] and [ccProd]Return from the Different Dimension[/ccProd] are too strong. Then of course Evilswarm with opening Ophion and 5 backrow. Playing the mirror because you have to control [ccProd]The Grand Spellbook Tower[/ccProd] plays and that's just not fun. Plus [ccProd]Fiendish Chain[/ccProd] isn't as good because of [ccProd]Spellbook of Wisdom[/ccProd] being a card."
Best match up- "Everything in the meta. The deck can out grind any deck if I have the tower face up."
What are the most important cards in the deck- "Blue boy ([ccProd]Spellbook Magician of Prophecy[/ccProd]) and [ccProd]Spellbook of Secrets[/ccProd]. Without these cards the deck wouldn't be as good as it is now."
What is your ideal opening in the deck-  "Opening with [ccProd]Spellbook Library of the Crescent[/ccProd], blue boy (Spellbook Magician of Prophecy), [ccProd]Temperance of Prophecy[/ccProd], and two other spellbooks. That way there are no dead Crescents in the deck."
Cool plays with the deck- "[ccProd]Maiden with Eyes of Blue[/ccProd] on the field and double power on another monster, activating wisdom in the bp to get a blue eyes to attack directly. Maiden leads to OTK opportunities. [ccProd]Fiendish Chain[/ccProd] also allows me to get a free Blue Eyes from the deck since [ccProd]Maiden with Eyes of Blue[/ccProd] activates before [ccProd]Fiendish Chain[/ccProd] resolves."
Tech cards-  "Siding [ccProd]Breaker the Magical Warrior[/ccProd], and playing the Blue Eyes build in general."
Cards I'm not playing-  "[ccProd]Spellbook Star Hall[/ccProd] because I just don't prefer to play it. When I drew it in testing I always wished that it was another defensive trap."