ARG Circuit Series Seattle Round 3: Charlie Qiao (Burning Abyss) vs. Luka Soskic (Qliphorts)

Moving on to Round 3, we have Charlie running Burning Abyss against Luka running Qliphorts. Luka wins the dice roll and opts to start the match.

Game 1


Luka activates Upstart Goblin to draw a card, and follows it up with Pot of Duality. Duality reveals Bottomless Trap Hole, Helix and Disk. Luka adds Bottomless Trap Hole. He normal summons Helix and activates Saqlifice. He sets two and passes.

9000 (Charlie) - 8000 (Luka)

Charlie reveals Rubic and Luka responds with Vanity's Emptiness. Charlie sets a monster and a facedown spell or trap and passes.

Luke attacks with Helix to Charlie's facedown Rubic, but neither monster is destroyed. Luka sets a backrow and passes. During the end phase, Charlie plays Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, discarding Calcab targeting Vanity's Emptiness. Calcab then sends the newly set card back to Luka's hand.

Charlie normal summons Scarm and synchro summons for Virgil. He discards another Scarm, sending Saqlifice back to the deck. Virgil then attacks over Helix. Charlie searches for Graff in the end phase with Scarm's effect.

8000 (Charlie) - 7300 (Luka)

Luka draws and plays Scout in his pendulum zone. He pays 800 to search his deck for Carrier. He plays Disk in the other pendulum zone, and Pendulum summons for Helix. Luka tributes Helix for Carrier. Helix targets Charlie's backrow, which is chained. Phoenix Wing Wind Blast discards Graff to target Luka's last set spell or trap. Luka chains Trap Stun in response. Charlie special summons Cir from deck off of Graff. Luka then attacks over Virgil with Carrier, Charlie draws a card, then Luka sets a facedown spell or trap to end his turn.

8800 (Charlie) - 6500 (Luka)

Charlie normal summons Tour Guide, but Cir is destroyed. Tour Guide special summons Graff, and Cir special summons Virgil from grave. Luka responds with Bottomless Trap Hole. Charlie overlays his two monsters for Dante in defense mode. He detaches Graff to mill Vanity's Emptiness, Upstart Golbin and Calcab. Graff Special summons Scarm. Charlie then plays Soul Charge and brings back Rubic, Cir and Graff. He synchros Rubic and Scarm for Virgil. He sets a spell or trap and searches for Tour Guide in the end phase.

5800 (Charlie) - 6500 (Luka)

In Luka's draw phase, Charlie activates Fire Lake and Luke immediately concedes! Both players dive into their side decks for game 2. Charlie sides in a playset of Fairy Winds and Vanity's Fiend to combat the flurry of pendulum summoning.

Game 2


Luka elects to go first. He starts things off with Scout in his pendulum zone, adding Carrier. Luka goes with Performapal Tramppolynx in the other zone and pendulum summons Carrier. With Performapal Tramppolynx's effect he returns Scout to his hand. Luka equips it with Saqlifice and tributes it for Disk. With Disk's effect Luka special summons a copy of Carrier and Helix from his deck. He over lays the two newly summoned monsters for Abyss Dweller! Luka plays Scout again and adds Saqlifice to his hand. He sets two backrows and passes.

8000 (Charlie) - 6400 (Luka)

Charlie reveals Cir to attempt to special summon, but Luka responds with Vanity's Emptiness. He sets a monster and two backrow to end his turn.

Luka draws, then tried to search his deck off of Scout but Charlie responds with Fairy Wind! Both players take 900 damage. Luka follows it up with another Scout, and searches his deck for Carrier. He then normal summons it and activates Dweller's effect. Luka enters battle and attacks with Disk over a facedown Graff. Charlie responds by playing Karma Cut, discarding Cir to target Dweller. Luka swings directly with Carrier. Pot of Duality comes down next, revealing 2 copies of Skill Drain and Disk. Luka elects to add a Skill Drain and sets it.

5300 (Charlie) - 3900 (Luka)

Charlie draws for turn and normals Graff, then special summons Cir. He overlays both monsters for Dante in defense mode. Charlie activates the effect, detaching Graff. Dante mills Scarm, Calcab and another Graff to the grave. Calcab targets Luka's facedown but responds with Skill Drain. He special summons Scarm from deck. He plays Upstart Goblin, sets a back row then passes.

5300 (Charlie) - 3900 (Luka)

Charlie plays another Fairy Wind in response to Scout's effect on Luka's turn. Fairy Wind destroys four cards this time for 1200 damage. Luka searches Disk with Saqlifice, then plays Upstart Goblin to draw another card. Luka plays his third copy of Scout, using its effect to search out Disk again. He plays one in his other pendulum zone, then pendulum summons a Carrier and Scout from his extra deck. Luka then tributes Carrier for Helix, returning Dante to the extra deck. Cir special summons Graff. In battle phase, Helix attacks over Graff. Charlie specials a Scarm from deck to accompany his one already one field. After checking his life points and realizing he could not stop a Tour Guide summon next turn, Luka extended his hand. Since Luka was below 2000 life points, he knew he was within range of a direct attack from Number 47: Nightmare Shark on Charlie's upcoming turn.

"I know you run Nightmare Shark", remarked Luka as Charlie revealed the Xyz Monster in his extra deck for assurance.

Charlie, with his Burning Abyss deck, moves on with a perfect record of 3-0!