ARG Circuit Series Seattle Round 7: Chancy Wigglestove (Chaos Shaddoll) vs. Luka Soskic (Qliphorts)

With two rounds remaining in Day 1, many players are playing on the bubble. Both of these players are playing with a record a 5-1, and they both had victories in feature matches earlier today. Prior to the match, both players agreed to draw their match, but they would play it out in hopes of future match-ups against the opposing decks. Luka wins the dice roll and will start game 1.

Game 1


Luka starts off with Pot of Duality, revealing Raigeki, MST and Scout. He searches Saqlifice.

8000 (Chancy) - 7200 (Luka)

Chancy  plays El Shaddoll Fusion, to which Luka chains Vanity's Emptiness. But Chancy has the MST for it. He sends Eclipse Wyvern and Hedgehog from his hand to bring out Construct. Luka activates Bottomless Trap Hole on the Construct, then Chancy sends Squamata off of Construct, banishes Dark Armed Dragon, and sends Beast off of Squamata. Chancy then draws one, adding Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning to his all-monster hand. He normal summons Squamata, then banishes Squamata from grave for White Dragon. He overlays into Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer, using its effect to send Saqlifice back to the deck. Chancy banishes Wvyern and Squamata for BLS, adding Dark Armed Dragon. He attacks over Carrier with Castel and banished Carrier with BLS.

8000 (Chancy) -  5200 (Luka)

Luka draws and uses Scouts effect adding Carrier. He then plays Tramp, and pendulum summons Carrier. Luka uses Tramp's effect to bounce Scout, then uses Scout again in the pendulum zone to search Saqlifice. He attacks over Castel with Carrier, then passes.

7900 (Chancy) - 3600 (Luka)

Chancy draws, then banishes Carrier with BLS. Luka adds his third Carrier with Saqlifice hitting the grave. Chancy plays Shaddoll fusion, using BLS and Dragon to bring out Construct. Construct sends Core and Dragon destroys Scout. Without thinking twice, Luka scoops up his cards to go to game 2.


Game 2


Luka will go first, starting off with Pot of Duality again, revealing Skill Drain, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and Mystical Space Typhoon. He choose Skill Drain. Luka then normal summons Disk, equips it with Saqlifice, sets two and passes.

Squiddy simply sets two backrows and passes.

Luka draws for turn, then tributes his on-field Disk for Disk. He adds Disk with Saqlifice and special summons a Helix and Carrier from deck. Luka plays Scout, pays 800 to add Carrier to hand. He plays Carrier in his other pendulum zone, then pendulum summons Disk from the top of his extra deck. Luka attacks with a Disk, Helix and Carrier before Chancy plays Sinister Shadow Games to save himself by sending Falco. The remaining Disk runs over the specialed Falco.

700 (Chancy) - 7200 (Luka)

Chancy normal summons Ice Hand for turn, then plays Raigeki to clear the field! He attacks directly with Ice Hand, sets a monster and ends his turn. In the end phase, Luka plays MST on Chancy's newest set, Forbidden Lance. Luka reveals a Qliphort monster in hand and both players proceed to game 3!

Game 3


Chancy opts to go first in the final game of this match. He sets one monster and passes.

Luka opens up with double Upstart Goblin, then plays Pot of Duality. That reveals Raigeki, Scout, and Disk. Luka adds Scout. He then plays double Scout in his pendulum zones, and adds Carrier plus Saqlifice. He normal summons Carrier, equips it with Saqlifice, sets three backrows then passes without attacking.

10000 (Chancy) - 6400 (Luka)

Chancy draws then summons Mathematician, sending Felis, Lightsworn Archer. He specials it from grave, then flips up Hedgehog. adding El Shaddoll Fusion. He synchros for Black Rose Dragon, destroying his Mathematician and seven cards of Luka's: 2 MSTs, Qlimate Change, Saqlifice, Carrier, and two Scouts from the pendulum zones. Luka adds Scout with Saqlifice. Chancy sets a backrow and passes.

Luka draws and plays Scout, attempts to use the effect but falls victim to MST. Luka follows it up with a Carrier and Helix in his pendulum zones, allowing him to pendulum summon 3 Scouts and a Carrier. Chancy takes all attacks, but drops Gorz on the last attack! He specials a Gorz token. With no more cards in hand, Luka passes.

5000 (Chancy) - 5600 (Luka)

Chancy draws and switches both his monster and token to attack mode. He attacks over Carrier and a Scout. In main phase 2, Chancy special summons White Dragon by banishing Hedgehog, sets two backrows and passes.

5000 (Chancy) - 4800 (Luka)

Luka draws a card and pendulum summons Carrier and Scout. He switches all of his Scouts to defense position, attacks the Gorz token with Carrier, sets a card and passes.

Chancy draws and attacks Carrier with White Dragon. White Dragon is destroyed, but Chancy searches his Deck for Black Dragon. Gorz then attacks over Carrier. In main phase 2, Chancy activates Allure of Darkness, banishing Black Dragon. He sets two more backrows, along with a monster and passes.

4300 (Chancy) - 4500 (Luka)

Luke draws and tributes a Carrier and Scout for Disk. He bounces Chancy's set monster, and then special summons a Disk and Helix from his deck. Luka switches all of his monsters and attacks...straight into Mirror Force! All 5 Qliphorts get sent to the top of the extra deck. Luka then passes.

Chancy draws Mathematician and summons it, sending Dragon to destroy Luka's set Summoner's Art. Chancy flips over El Shaddoll Fusion and Chancy takes game 3!

Both players move on with a record of 5-1-1. They will have to win their next round to guarantee a spot in the Top 16. Otherwise, they will have to rely on tiebreakers to get them in.