ARG Circuit Series Seattle Round 8: Kritin Deo (Qliphorts) vs. Alyxander Lisgathe (Artifact Shaddolls)

This is the last round of Day 1 at ARG Circuit Series Seattle. For this round's feature, we have Kritin Deo with Qliphorts and Alexander Lisgathe running Artifact Shaddolls. Both of these players are 5-2 headed into the round, so the winner with tiebreakers may make it into the Top 16!

Game 1

Kritin starts off the game by playing Upstart Goblin, followed by another Upstart. He activates Scout, searching for Carrier, Kritin normal summons Carrier, equips it with Saqlifice, sets two backrow and passes.

7200 (Kritin) - 10000 (Alexander)

Alexander starts his turn by setting a monster and three backrow.

Kriting draws then attempts to use Scout, and Alexander activates Artifact Ignition. He destroys Scout and sets Moralltech from his deck to his backrow. Kritin tributes Carrier for Disk, specialing double Helix from deck, bouncing Alexander's monster and adding Scout. He plays Scout in his pendulum zone again, and Alexander has another Artifact Ignition for it! Alexander searches for Beageltech. Kritin plays Saqlifice on Disk, then attacks with Helix and plays Skill Drain. Alexander responds with Double Cyclone, targeting his own Beagaltach and Kritin's Skill Drain. Beagaltech is special summoned to the field, and it targets Alexander's last set, Moralltech. Moralltech activates its effec to special summon itself and destroy Helix. Disk attacks over Moralltech, and Kritin passes.

4600 (Kritin) - 9000 (Alexander)

Alexander tributes Beageltach for a set monster and sets a backrow to end his turn,

Kriting draws for turn, and attacks into Alexander's facedown Beast, but has Forbidden Chalice! He passes.

Alexander sets a monster and passes.

Kritin top decks a Summoner's Art and activates it search for Scout. He plays Scout in his pendulum zone to search for Carrier. He plays Carrier in his other pendulum zone then pendulum summons 4 Qliphort monsters: a Helix, a Carrier and 2 Scout. he tribute summons for Disk by sacrificing a Carrier and Helix, bouncing Alexander's set monster and destroying his facedown Moralltech. Moralltech is summoned and destroys a card in the pendulum zone. Alexander special summons it to destroy a monster. Kriting attacks with all of his monsters.

3800 (Kritin) - 3000 (Alexander)

Alexander draws to four cards in hand and plays Shaddoll Fusion, sending Beagaltech and Dragon to bring out Construct. Construct sends Beast and Dragon destroys Carrier in the pendulum zone. He draws a card for Beast, and then quickly dives into his extra deck. Alexander ponders his next play before summoning Mathematician, sending Felis, Lightsworn Archer. The lightsworn monster is then specialed to Alexander's side of the field. Alexander attacks with Felis and Matematician over two Scouts, and in main phase 2, synchro summons for Arcanite Magician. He uses both counters to destroy both Disks. Kritin searches for Shell off of Saqlifice.

3200 (Kritin) - 3000 (Alexander)

Kriting draws to two cards in hand, and looks over the pendulum monsters on top of his extra deck, and throws down Shell and Performapal Trampolynx. He pendulum summons for 3 Scouts and 2 Disks, then Alexander scoops up his cards. An incredible top deck by Kritin in the late game allows him to build up another big field! Alexander chooses to go first in game 2.

Game 2

Alexander starts off with a set monster and set spell or trap.

Kriting activates Scout and falls victim to MST after he tries to use the effect. Kritin normal summons Helix and attacks into Squamata, destroying Helix. He activates Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, sets two, and in the end phase searches for another Scout.

7200 (Kritin) - 8000 (Alexander)

Alexander draws and just sets a monster.

Kriting plays another Scout, uses its effect and searches for Carrier. He puts Disk in his other pendulum zone, then pendulum summons Scout and Helix from his extra deck and Carrier from hand. Kritin tributes Scout and Carrier for Disk. Disk specials two Qliphorts from deck, and with Carrier bouncing Alexander's only monster, he offered the handshake.

Kritin wins on the bubble and now hopes his tiebreakers will be good enough to push him into the Top 16!