ARG Player’s Championship: Grand Finals Luke Feeney (KAT) vs. Alyx Lisgathe (Spellbooks)

We're finally here!  The Grand Finals of the first ever ARG Player's Championship!  Luke Feeney has battled his way through the winner's bracket to earn his seat here, while Alyx Lisgathe has had to fight his way up from the Loser's Bracket for a chance at the title.  The odds are stacked in favor of Luke, however, as he only has to win one match while Alyx must beat him twice.  Will Spellbooks be able to dethrone the format juggernaut that is HAT or will HAT continue its dominating run through the Player's Championship?


Alyx won game one before we could get text coverage set up, so we will be bringing you this match from the start of Game 2 of Set 1 of the Grand Finals!


Set 1 - Game 2

Luke will go first in the second game of the first match.  He activates duality, revealing Artifact Moralltach, Breakthrough Skill, and Artifact Ignition, adding Breakthrough Skill.  He Normal Summons Kuribandit then sets two.  During the End Phase he Excavates two Artifact Ignition, two Artifact Moralltach, and an Artifact Sanctum, adding Artifact Sanctum to his hand.

Alyx starts off with a Spellbook of Secrets to search out Spellbook Magician of Prophecy.  Luke responds with Breakthrough Skill but Alyx has the Book of Moon.  Magician searches The Grand Spellbook Tower.  He activates it then sets three and passes.

Luke Normal Summons Traptrix Myrmeleo but Alyx stops it cold with a Fiendish Chain.  He sets one to his backrow and passes.

Alyx starts by flipping up his Spellbook Magician, searching Secrets.  He sets one to his backrow and ends the turn.

Luke sets one and passes the turn.

During Standby, Luke activates Ignition on Tower to search and set Artifact Moralltach.  Alyx activates Secrets to search out a second copy of The Grand Spellbook Tower.  Next, he Normal Summons Justice of Prophecy then activates The Spellbook Tower.  As Alyx attempts to go to his End Phase, Luke uses Artifact Sanctum to Special Summon Artifact Beagalltach, but Alyx has another Fiendish Chain to stop the effect!  Justice goes off and adds Secrets and High Priestess of Prophecy to his hand.

Luke starts with a Normal Summon of Traptrix Dionaea without effect.  He overlays the two Traptrix monsters for Evilswarm Exciton Knight which goes off and nukes the field.  Alyx summons Justice which Luke immediately runs over.  He sets one and passes the turn.

Alyx sets one and passes.

Luke swings directly with Exciton Knight, then sets one and passes

8000 (Luke) - 6100 (Alyx)

Alyx sets another his backrow and passes the turn.

Exciton connects again directly

8000 (Luke) - 4200 (Alyx)

Alyx passes with no play.

Exciton connects once again.

8000 (Luke) - 2300 (Alyx)

Alyx reveals Power, Crescent, and Secrets to Special Summon High Priestess of Prophecy.  On summon, Luke activates Call of the Haunted to bring back Artifact Moralltach to destroy Priestess.  Alyx reveals another Priestess which he immediately Special Summons.  He uses Secrets to search out a Spellbook of Life.  Next, Priestess banishes Tower to destroy Exciton Knight.  Life is then activated, banishing Spellbook Magician to bring back Justice.  Spellbook of Power is used on Justice.  Justice runs over Moralltach, letting Power search out Spellbook of Eternity.  Eternity grabs back Tower which is then activated.  During the End Phase, Justice searches out Eternity and a third High Priestess.  Still during End phase, Luke uses Sanctum to Special Summon Artifact Beagalltach.  But Alyx swiftly activates Spellbook of Fate by banishing two copies of Secrets and Tower to banish Beagalltach.

Luke uses Mystical Space Typhoon which hits Alyx's Mirror Force.  This is followed by a Soul Charge for four but Alyx has the timely Solemn Warning to stop the play.  But Luke shows a SECOND Soul Charge and Alyx scoops it up!  Onto Game 3!


Set 1 - Game 3

Alyx starts with Spellbook Magician to search Crescent.  Crescent searches out Secrets, Fate, and Tower, adding Fate.  Alyx then uses Spellbook of the Master to copy Crescent, revealing Fate.  This Crescent searches out Secrets, Tower, and Wisdom, adding Tower.  He reveals Eternity, Fate, and Tower to Special Summon Priestess in defense.  He then activates Tower, sets one to his backrow and ends his turn.

Luke draws for turn then starts things off with setting five to his backrow and ends.

Alyx uses Secrets to search out Master.  Master reveals Eternity to copy Secrets and search out Wisdom.  Luke chains Book of Moon on Priestess when she attacks.

7500 (Luke) - 8000 (Ned)

A Pot of Duality by Luke reveals Artifact Moralltach, Kuribandit, and Breakthrough Skill, adding Kuribandit.  He Normal Summons Kuribandit, but Alyx activates Fate banishing his grave to banish Kuribandit before the End Phase.  Eternity grabs master.  Master reveals Eternity to copy Eternity and grab Secrets.  Secrets grabs Fate.  He then Normal Summons Justice.  Breakthrough Skill on Justice is used by Luke to stop the End Phase effect.  He then flips up Priestess and attacks before passing the turn.

2900 (Luke) - 8000 (Ned)

Luke draws for turn and scoops it up, unable to stop the Priestess.  We're going to a second set to decide the winner!

Game 1 - Set 2

Luke starts off with a Normal Summons Traptrix Myrmeleo to add Bottomless Trap Hole.  He sets one and passes.

Alyx begins with a Normal Summon of Spellbook Magican to search out and activate Crescent.  Crescent searches Master, Power, and Fate, adding Power.  Alyx then activates Secrets, adding Master.  Power is then used on Spellbook Magican.  Master is then used on Power, again boosting Spellbook Magician.  Spellbook Magician runs over Myrmeleo, and both copies of Master search out Tower and Fate.  Alyx then activates Tower and sets two before passing the turn.

7100 (Luke) - 8000 (Alyx)

Luke uses Dark Hole, but Alyx's Fate was chained for three to banish Luke's set Bottomless Trap Hole. He then Normal Summons Kuribandit and during the End Phase excavates two Soul Charge, Compulsory Evacuation Device, Artifact Sanctum, and Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare, adding Artifact Sanctum.

Alyx Normal Summons Justice then activates Secrets to search out Eternity.  Eternity get Master, and Master copies Secrets to get Fate.  A Pot of Duality reveals Maxx "C", Solemn Warning, and High Priestess of Prophecy, adding High Priestess.  During the End Phase, Justice banishes and searches out Secrets and Priestess

5500 (Luke) - 8000 (Alyx)

Luke Normal Summons Traptrix Dionaea to bring back Myrmeleo.  Myrmeleo activates destroys Tower, which Special Summons Justice.  He then Overlays for Number 101: Silent Honor ARK and runs over Justice.

Alyx Normal Summons Spellbook Magician, searching out a copy of Eternity.  Fate banishes Tower, Secrets, and Master, banishing Luke's set Artifact Sanctum when it resolves.  Alyx reveals Crescent, Secrets, and Eternity and Special Summons both Priestess.  He banishes Fate to pop one material on ARK.  Overlays both for Big Eye to take ARK.  Activates Secrets to add Spellbook of Life. At the sight of Spellbook of Life, Luke scoops it up.

We're moving onto a potential match win for Alyx Lisgathe.


Set 2 - Game 2

Luke strats with a set monster and two backrow.

Alyx begins with a Secrets to search Spellbook Magican, Luke has the Breakthrough Skill, but Alyx has the Wisdom.  He searches out Master to copy Secrets and grab Tower.  He sets two to his backrow and passes.

Luke flips up an Ice Hand and Normal Summons another Ice Hand and both swing over.

8000 (Luke) - 5700 (Alyx)

Alyx starts off with a Secrets to search out Spellbook Magician which is then Normal Summoned.  Luke has a Fiendish Chain to stop the effect.

Luke swings again, but this time Alyx activates Maxx "C" and Mirror Force to wipe the board.

During Standby Luke has the Mystical Space Typhoon for Alyx's Tower.  Alyx uses Pot of Duality to grab Fate, then activates Fate to banish Fire Hand.  An Eternity grabs Master, then Master copies eternity to get back Tower.  He then turns Spellbook Magician to defense and passes to Luke.

Luke's Pot of Duality reveals Torrential Tribute and double Myrmeleo, adding Myrmeleo.  Myrmeleo's Normal Summon is then stopped by Solemn Warning.

8000 (Luke) - 3700 (Alyx)

Alyx's Duality reveals Book of moon, Eternity, and Fiendish Chain, adding Book of Moon.  Next, he uses Book of Moon to set Spellbook Magician and flip it up to search out Secrets.  Secrets searches Spellbook Magician to search Fate.  Main Phase 2 he sets two and passes the turn.

7000 (Luke)  - 3700 (Alyx)

Luke uses Soul Charge on two Ice Hand and Myrmeleo.  Myrmeleo targets Alyx's Torrential Tribute which he chains to wipe the field.  He then Normal Summons Kuribandit and excavates Mystical Space Typhoon, Dark Hole, Book of Moon, Bottomless Trap Hole, and Artifact Sanctum, adding Mystical Space Typhoon.  Still in the End Phase he activates Typhoon on Tower.  Alyx Special Symmons Justice off of Tower.

4000 (Luke) - 3700 (Alyx)

Alyx swings with Justice, sets one and passes

2400 (Luke) - 3700 (Alyx)

Luke passes with no play.

Alyx sets one and ends.

Luke draws for turn and sets one to his backrow.  During the End Phase, Alyx banishes the newly set Solemn Warning with Fate.

Alyx swings again and passes.

800 (Luke) - 3700 (Alyx)

Luke looks at his last topdeck and offers the handshake!


Luke is unable to maintain any kind of board presence and is beat down by  Justice of Prophecy.  Alyx Lisgathe has taken Spellbooks all the way through the Loser's Bracket and is your first ARG Player's Champion!

Joe Soto