ARG Players Championship Semi-Finals: Ned Salkovitch (Traptrix Artifacts) Vs. Alyxander Lisgathe (Spellbooks/BLHS)

Alright we’re going to find out who is going to the Finals to play against Luke Feeney for the Players Championship here in Cleveland! We have a rematch of our Round 1 feature. Reintroducing Alyxander Lisgathe, he is playing Spellbooks and his opponent Ned Salkovitch is playing Traptrix Artifacts.

Game 1

Ned wins the dice roll and will be opening us up with 4 set cards.

Alyx opens with Spellbook of Secrets, Spellbook of Eternity, Spellbook of Life, Pot of Duality, High Priestess of Prophecy and Justice of Prophecy. He activates secrets to search his deck for Spellbook of the Master. Justice of Prophecy is summoned and Spellbook of the Master is played to copy Secrets searching for Spellbook of Wisdom from his deck. He attacks for 1600 bringing Ned to 6400. Pot of Duality is activated in MP2 revealing, book of moon, spell book of wisdom, and another Duality, he takes the book of moon. He sets it to his back row. Ending his turn Justice is banished to add High Priestess and Secrets to his hand.

Ned just draws for turn and passes back.

Alyx draw another Spellbook of Secrets for turn. He summons High Priestess by revealing Spellbook of Secrets, Spellbook of the Master and Spellbook of Wisdom. Secrets gets him Spellbook Magician to his hand and the Magician’s effect gets him The Grand Spellbook Tower. He attacks with both his monsters dropping Ned to 3400. Main phase 2 he banishes master to destroy Ned’s Call of the Haunted. He activates Master to search for Spellbook of Fate by revealing The Grand Spellbook Tower. He activates the Tower and sets the Fate to end his turn.

Ned draws and plays Pot of Duality revealing 2 Maxx “C” and Artifact Ignition, He decides to take the latter. He summons Traptrix Dionaea for his turn and enters Battle to try and attack over the Spellbook Magician, which resolves and Alyx takes 1200 putting him at 6800. He sets 2 and ends his turn.

Alyx draws another High Priestess for his turn and in Standby activates Tower to put back a Master into his deck and giving him a Spellbook Magician. He summons the Magician and searches for Spellbook of Power. Continuing he activates the Spellbook of Power on a copy of High Priestess. Ned activates his facedown Artifact Ignition targeting a back row and Alyx activates Spellbook of Fate banishing 3 to banish the targeted card and Ned concedes with that.

Alyx’s deck fires on all cylinders and does its Spellbook things. Ned chooses to make Alyx start us with Game 2.

Game 2

Alyx opens with Secrets, Master, Justice, Solemn Warning, and Mirror Force. Secrets is activated and searches The Grand Spellbook Tower. Spellbook of the Master is activated revealing The Grand Spellbook Tower and Ned D.D. Crows the Secrets, making the Master resolve without effect.  He sets his two traps and activates the effect of Justice, banishing itself to add High Priestess and Spellbook of Secrets.

Ned draws and then sets 5 back row to end his turn.

Alyx draws another High Priestess for his turn. He activates Secrets to search a Spellbook Magician. Spellbook Magician is summoned into Breakthrough Skill. Alyx proceeds into his battle phase and Ned activates Artifact Ignition targeting Alyx’s set Solemn Warning and setting Artifact Beagalltach. Another Ignition is activated on Beagalltach to destroy it and it’s summoned back to destroy a pair of set Artifact Moralltachs which destroy the Spellbook Magician. Alyx activates tower and passes his turn with that.

Ned draws then Xyz summons Tiras, Keeper of Genesis with Beagalltach and a Moralltach. He attacks with Tiras for 2600 directly into Mirror Force which destroys the Moralltach, and Tiras’ attack continues for 2600 dropping Alyx to 5400. At the end of the Battle Phase he destroys The Grand Spellbook Tower which lets Alyx summon Justice of Prophecy from his deck. He ends with that.

Alyx draws Spellbook Magician for his turn. He summons it right into Torrential getting rid of Justice and Spellbook Magician, but letting him search for The Grand Spellbook Tower.

Ned draws then attacks directly with Tiras again for 2600 putting Alyx at 2800, destroying the Tower again into a Justice summon.

Alyx draws Torrential Tribute for turn and he sets it.

Ned attacks over the Justice with Tiras and sets 2 to back row ending.

Alyx draws Mirror Force and sets it to end.

Ned draws and attacks into Mirror Force. Main Phase 2 he summons Fire Hand into Torrential then sets another card to his back row and passes.

Alyx draws Deep Dark Trap Hole for turn and sets it to end.

Ned draws and summons another Fire Hand and attacks into Fiendish Chain. He passes after that.

Alyx draws and uses Pot of Duality to reveal Spellbook of Power, Spellbook of Secrets, Spellbook of the Master and taking Spellbook of Secrets. He passes with that.

Ned summons Traptrix Dionaea and attacks for 1700 directly dropping Alyx to 900. Main Phase 2 he summons Number 106: Giant Hand.

Alyx draws and then concedes unable to get the third Spellbook that he needed for his two in hand High Priestess.

This match is going to a Game 3! Ned opens with all of his back row and is able to shut down Alyx at all opportunities. Ned will be going first in the last game to decide who will be going to the Finals and who gets 3rd place.

Game 3

Ned  opens us up with a set Monster and 3 back row to end.

Alyx opens with Spellbook of Secrets,  Spellbook of Wisdom, Justice of Prophecy, Mirror Force, Torrential Tribute, and Fiendish Chain. He activates Spellbook of Secrets to search for Spellbook Magician of Prophecy. He summons Justice and sets his 3 back row. Ending lets him banish the Justice to add High Priestess and Secrets to hand.

Ned flips his facedown Fire Hand and attacks into Mirror Force. He sets another back row and ends his turn.

Alyx draws Solemn Warning for turn. He summons the Spellbook Magician to search and Ned activates Breakthrough Skill, Alyx activates Spellbook of Wisdom calling Traps to search for The Grand Spellbook Tower. He attacks and ends with that.

Ned draws and then passes back.

Alyx draws Spellbook of Power for turn and activates Tower to draw another Spellbook of the Master. He activates Master searching for Spellbook of Fate. He attacks for 500 and ends with 2 set cards.

Ned draws and passes with that.

Alyx draws Spellbook Library of the Crescent for turn and activates Tower to send Spellbook of Secrets back to the deck and draws Fiendish Chain. High Priestess is summoned into Solemn Warning dropping Ned 2000 life points. He attacks directly with Spellbook Magician for another 500 and ends.

Ned draws for turn and sets a monster to end.

Alyx draws Mirror Force and then activates Tower to send back Master and draws another Mirror Force. Secrets gets him another Magician and that is summoned to search Master to hand which is activated to search for Spellbook of Wisdom. He activates Fate on the facedown Traptrix Dionaea banishing 3 Spellbooks. He Xyz Summons into Daigusto Phoenix and activates the effect but Ned shuts it down with Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare. Spellbook of Life is activated banishing Spellbook Magician to Special Summon High Priestess and making it a Level 9. Main Phase 2 he activates Priestess banishing Spellbook of Fate to destroy his Spellbook of Life. Spellbook of Eternity is activated to add back Spellbook of Fate and he sets it.

Ned draws and activates Dark Hole destroying High Priestess. He sets a card then ends.

Alyx draws High Priestess for turn and activates tower to draw Bottomless Trap Hole. He Special Summons High Priestess revealing Spellbook of Wisdom, Spellbook Library of the Crescent, and Spellbook of Power. Spellbook of Fate is activated to bounce a set card to Ned’s hand. Ned reveals his set Wiretap, calling out “Sanctum!” and extending the handshake.

Alyxander Lisgathe is going to the Finals! He has battled back from losing in Round 1 to Ned Salkovitch and redeeming himself when it counts, getting to the Finals with Spellbooks.