ARG Player’s Championship: Winner’s Bracket Top 32 Anthony Eckroth (Infernity) vs. Joseph Chou (Infernity)

How's it going everybody? We're here in sunny Cleveland for the first day of the inaugural ARG Player's Championship!  Thirty-two of the seasons best duelists have gathered here at the Cleveland Convention Center to duke it out for duelist supremacy!  A tournament featuring the best of the best should definitely lead to some awesome matches.  Well let’s get started with the Top 32 of the winner’s bracket with an Infernity mirror match!  The deck is notorious for incredibly explosive combos and impressive board locks; who will be able to go off first and secure victory?  We’re about to find out!

Game 1

Anthony goes first with one set monster and three cards to his backrow. 

Joseph begins by drawing for turn then mirroring the play.

Anthony activates an Upstart Goblin, but still seemingly waiting for options, simply passes the turn back

8000 (Anthony) - 9000 (Joseph)

Joseph sets one more monster and passes.

Anthony Normal Summons Summoner Monk then flips up his set Stygian Street Patrol.  He then Xyz Summons Lavalval Chain, ditching Stygian to send Infernity Archfiend to the graveyard.  He sets one then activates Stygian to Special Summon Infernity Necromancer from his hand.  Infernity Necromancer Special Summons Archfiend from the graveyard and searches out Infernity Barrier.  He sets the Barrier then attacks Lavalval Chain over a set Stygian.  Archfiend runs over Archfiend Heiress letting Joseph search out an Infernity Archfiend.

Joseph sets two to his back row and a set field spell before activating Stygian Street Patrol to Special Summon Infernity Archfiend.  Anthony okays it as Archfiend hits the board but is immediately met with a bottomless trap hole.  Joseph searches out another archfiend with the first one’s effect.  He normal summons the archfiend he just searched out.  He flips up the set Archfiend Palabyrinth.  He then activates Instant Fusion to Special Summon a level 5 Barox.  He then uses the effect of Archfiend Palabyrinth to banish the Barox and Special Summon the last Infernity Archfiend from his deck which is immediately met with an Infernity Barrier.  In Battle Phase, Joseph’s Archfiend attacks Anthony’s Necromancer, but Anthony activates an Infernity Break (removing Barrier) in response to save his Necromancer.  Joseph then activates two Infernity Break banishing Archfiend and Break to destroy Necromancer and Lavalval Chain.  Joseph then activates a third Break to destroy Anthony’s set Infernity Launcher before finally ending his turn.

Anthony draws then swings with Archfiend.  He then activates Instant Fusion for Kamionwizard for Lavalval Chain to put Archfiend on top of his deck, ready to be Special Summoned next turn!

7000 (Anthony) - 7200 (Joseph)

Joseph draws one, sets it to his back row, and passes.

Anthony starts his turn by Special Summoning the Archfiend to search out Necromancer.  He then uses Lavalval Chain to send Archfiend Heiress to the grave to search out his own Archfiend Palabyrinth.  Anthony swings with both monsters before passing the turn.

7000 (Anthony) - 2100 (Joseph)

Joseph draws his last card and scoops up his cards, not having anything to fight back with.

Game 2

Joseph elects to go first Game 2, forgoing his draw for the first chance at going off in this Infernity mirror match!

Joseph normal summons Summoner Monk to start off his turn.  He next activates Summoner Monk, ditching Reinforcement of the Army to Special Summon a second Summoner Monk.  Mystical Space Typhoon is then discarding to Special Summon a Dark Grepher.  Grepher ditches another Grepher from his hand to send Archfiend Heiress to the grave and add Infernity Archfiend to his hand.  He then Xyz Summons Lavalval Chain and detaches Grepher to send Stygian Street Patrol to the grave.  Stygian is then banished to Special Summon Infernity Archfiend which searches out Infernity Launcher.  Joseph continues on with an Instant fusion for Kamionwizard. Another Lavalval Chain is Xyz summoned which sends Infernity Necromancer to the grave.  He next activates Infernity Launcher bringing back Infernity Archfiend and Necromancer, adding Infernity Break with Archfiend’s effect.  Summoner Monk and Archfiend are overlaid for Number 66: Master Key Beetle, targeting his Necromancer.  Necromancer Special Summons back Archfiend to search out infernity barrier.

Anthony draws for turn and begins with a normal summon of Dark Grepher.  He pitches Summoner Monk to send Stygian to the grave.  Anthony goes through his hand but scoops it up as the writing is on the wall.  A hand full of monsters isn’t nearly enough for him to overcome Joseph’s explosive Turn 1.

Game 3

Anthony elects to go first in this deciding Game 3!  

He activates Infernity Launcher and discards Infernity Archfiend.  He then Normal Summons another Archfiend then sets Infernity Break and Vanity’s emptiness.  He activates Launcher, bringing back Archfiend and searching out Necromancer.  He overlays the two Archfiend for Lavalval Chain which sends Stygian to the grave.  Stygian is banished to Special Summon the searched out Infernity Necromancer.  Necromancer brings one Archfiend back to the field to search out an Infernity Barrier which is immediately set.

Joseph starts off with an Uupstart Goblin.  Next he activates Spirtualism, bouncing Anthony’s set Vanity’s Emptiness!  A huge play as not only is Joseph free to Special Summon, the card in Anthony’s hand means that Infernity Break and Infernity Barrier are just useless cards on the field.  Joseph Normal Summons Archfiend then activates Instant Fusion for Kamionwizard.  He then Xyz summons Evilswarm Exciton Knight, which goes off successfully and wipes the board!  He sets an Infernity Break to his back row before ending his turn.

9000 (Anthony) - 7000 (Joseph)

Anthony t-sets then passes the turn back, obviously on the back foot after that devastating Spiritualism on his Vanity’s Emptiness.  

Joseph Normal Summons Necromancer, then sets his hand to activate Necromancer which is met with an Emptiness activation.  Joseph’s Exciton Knight runs over Anthony’s set Stygian, getting rid of Vanity’s Emptiness in the process.

Anthony dejectedly draws a card hoping for a miracle out but simply sets a monster and passes back to Joseph.

Joseph Normal Summons Grepher and Anthony decides he’s seen enough, offering the handshake.

A mirror match featuring one of the most explosive decks in the format did not disappoint, with both duelists showing off the raw power that Infernity possess.  Sadly, only one Infernity duelist gets to move on and that is Joseph Chou!  He continues on through to the Top 16 of the Winner’s Bracket.

Joe Soto