ARG Raleigh Round 1: Matthew Nistico (Qliphorts) vs Courtney Waller (Qliphorts)

To start things off for us today we've got Courtney Waller who hails from Virginia, facing off with Matthew Nistico from New Jersey. Both players are piloting the highly hyped Qliphorts, so we'll get a taste of what the mirror match is like for this juggernaut of a deck.

Matthew started things off with a Summoner's Art, Mystical Space Typhoon, 2 Qliphort Carrier and a Qliphort Scout. He activated the Summoner's Art to search a Qliphort Scout. He played the Scout in the left pendulum zone and payed 800 to search Saqlifice. He followed it up by playing one of the Carriers in the right pendulum zone. He used the pendulum mechanic to special summon the other Carrier from his hand, equipped Saqlifice to it, set a card to the back row and passed.

Courtney started his turn off by activating Night Beam, hitting Matthew's face down Mystical Space Typhoon. He followed it up with a Scout of his own, paying the 800 to search his own Saqlifice. He normal summoned Qliphort Helix and equipped the Saqlifice. He set a card and passed.

Wiretap came off the top for Matthew and he proceeded to pay 800 for Scout, only to be met with Courtney's Mystical Space Typhoon. Matthew activated another Scout from his hand and payed another 800 to search out Qliphort Disk. He tributed his Carrier for the Disk, and triggered the effects of all his cards. Matthew's Carrier bounced Courtney's Carrier back to his hand since it was tributed for a Qliphort, and both players Saqlifice triggered. Disk activated and special summoned 2 Qliphort Helix from the deck for Matthew and he searched another Scout via his Saqlifice, while Courtney searched another Carrier off of his Saqlifice. Matthew then proceeded to pendulum summon his extra decked Scout and Carrier for lethal damage and Courtney scooped up his cards.


Game 2

Courtney opted to take first in game 2. He simply set 3 to his back row and passed.

Matt played a Scout and payed 800, only to have it met with Courtney's Spell Shattering Arrow, also inflicting 500 to Matt. Matt then normal summoned his Carrier and equipped Saqlifice to it, attacked for 2100, set a back row and passed.

Back to Courtney, who seemingly had some bad draws. He activated a Night Beam and took out Matt's Trap Stun. He set two more to his back row and passed back to Matt.

Matt simply opted to attack with Carrier, dropping Courtney to 3800. He set a monster and passed.

Courtney still couldn't get anything going, so he set another back row and passed.

Matt opted to play it safe and struck again with the Carrier, leaving Courtney with 1700. He set another back row and passed to Courtney.

Courtney drew for turn and activated Reckless Greed, obviously trying to get something going.Matt responded with Wiretap, attempting to stymie the desperation attempt, but Courtney had a Wiretap of his own and the Reckless Greed resolved. Courtney followed it up by activating Summoner's Art and searched Scout, payed 800 to search Carrier dropping him to 900, activated Odd Eyes in the other pendulum zone, then normal summoned Carrier and equipped it with Saqlifice. Carrier declared an attack on Matt's face down Fire Hand and the Carrier was destroyed, while Matt special summoned an Ice Hand. Saqlifice triggered for Courtney and he searched another Carrier and pendulum summoned 2 Carriers. He set a back row and during the end phase he triggered Odd Eyes to search Performapal Trampolynx, then ended turn.

Matt drew Mystical Space Typhoon for turn. He tributed his Carrier for another Carrier, triggering the tributed Carrier's effect, returning one of Courtney's Carriers, then Saqlificed triggered for Matt, searching Scout. Matt then went to the battle phase and declared an attack on Courtney's Carrier with his 2400 attack Carrier. Courtney responds with Mirror Force, and Carrier and Ice Hand were destroyed. Ice Hand triggered and hit Courtney's face down Mystical Space Typhoon.  Fire Hand was then special summoned and when Matt activated Mystical Space Typhoon from his hand to hit Courtney's last set card, Courtney asked Matt if he had another Ice Hand in his deck, knowing that Fire Hand could crash with his Carrier to destroy it and special summon an Ice Hand for game. Matt confirmed and Courtney offered the handshake.

Matt Nistico takes a 2-0 victory against Courtney Waller in the Qliphort mirror match!