ARGCS Indianapolis: Round 3 Nicolas Parada (Shaddoll) vs. Brandon Ball (Geargia)

Here we are in Round 3 of the ARGCS in Indianapolis.  I have the pleasure this round of featuring Nicolas Parada running Shaddolls and Brandon Ball running Geargia.  Shaddolls has easily been the most popular deck here while Geargia is a "relic" of the older formats that still has plenty of life left in it!

Game 1


Nicolas wins the die roll and goes first.  He starts with a Charge of the Light Brigade and mills Black Dragon Collapserpent, Shaddoll Beast, and Chaos Sorcerer, letting him add Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn to his hand.  He summons Raiden and mills Shaddoll Squamata and Lyla with his effect, letting him send Shaddoll Beast to the grave.  He sets two, and during the End Phase, mills Shaddoll Hedgehog and Black Dragon Collapserpent.  Shaddoll Hedgehog adds Shaddoll Dragon to his hand.

Brandon draws for turn then summons Fire Hand.  Fire Hand crashes into Raiden, destroying it and bringing out Ice Hand.  Ice Hand connects.  Main Phase 2 he sets two backrow and passes.  During the End Phase, Nicolas activates Sinister Shadow Games to send Shaddoll Dragon to the grave, destroying Brandon's set Mystical Space Typhoon.

6600 (Nicolas)  - 7700 (Brandon)

Nicolas draws for turn then uses Shaddoll Fusion, sending Shaddoll Beast and Shaddoll Dragon to fuse for El Shaddoll Winda.  Shaddoll Dragon destroys Brandon's set Dimensional Prison and Shaddoll Beast draws him a card.  He then banishes Raiden and Black Dragon Collapserpent for Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning, then summons Raiden.  He flips Sinister Shadow Games to send Shaddoll Squamata to the grave with no effect.  He proceeds to the Battle Phase and attacks for game!

An explosive start from Nicolas proves just too much for Brandon to handle as we move on to Game 2!

Game 2


Brandon elects to go first for Game 2.  He starts off  with a summon of Cardcar D.  He sets three, then draws two cards to end his turn.

Nicolas sets a monster and two backrow before passing.

Brandon draws for turn, sets a monster and two backrow.

Nicolas sets a monster and passes.

Brandon uses Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Nicolas' set Soul Charge. He then uses another Mystical Space Typhoon to Nicolas' Mystical Space Typhoon, which he chains on Brandon's set Non-Fusion Area.  He flips up Geargiarmor to add Geargiarsenal, which is then summoned.  He uses Geargiarsenal's effect to bring out another Geargiarmor.  He flips both back face down, sets a card and passes.

Nicolas flips up Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter to destroy a Geargiarmor but Brandon chains Breakthrough Skill.  He then flips up Shaddoll Dragon to bounce a set Geargiarmor to Brandon's hand.  He tributes Ryko for a set monster before passing.

Brandon flips up Geargiarmor to add Geargiaccelerator to his hand.  He Special Summons Geargiaccelerator then Xyz Summons Gear Gigant X.  He detaches Geargiarmor to search for Geargiarsenal.  Gigant X attacks over Shaddoll Dragon.  Main Phase 2 he summons Geargiarsenal to bring out the last Geargiarmor which is flipped face down.  He sets one and passes.

7600 (Nicolas) - 8000 (Brandon)

Nicolas flips up Shaddoll Beast but Brandon has Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror to stop the effect!  He then banishes Shaddoll Dragon to Special Summon White Shaddoll Dragon Wyverbuster.  Wyverbuster is then tributed for another Shaddoll Beast while he adds Black Dragon Collapserpent to his hand.  During Battle, Shaddoll Beast runs over Geargiarmor, letting Brandon add Geargiaccelerator to his hand.  Main Phase 2 he Xyz Summons for Number 61: Volcasaurus but Brandon has Solemn Warning to shut it down.  Nicolas passes without another play.

7600 (Nicolas) - 6000 (Brandon)

Brandon Normal Summons Geargiarmor, then Special Summons two Geargiaccelerator.  He then Xyz Summons for Gear Gigant X which grabs back Geargiaccelerator which is immediately summoned.  He Xyz Summons the third Gear Gigant X then adds Geargiarmor to his hand.  Everything connects and he passes the turn.

700 (Nicolas) - 6000 (Brandon)

Nicolas starts with a Special Summon Black Dragon Collapserpent in def, sets a monster and two backrow and passes.

As soon as Brandon starts using his Gigant X effects, Nicolas concedes.

We're going to a deciding Game 3!

Game 3


Nicolas decides to go first for Game 3.  He summons Raiden then uses its effect to mill Shaddoll Fusion and Shaddoll Beast, drawing a card. He sets two, then mills Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning and Vanity's Emptiness in the End Phase.

Brandon summons Cardcar D, sets five backrow, then uses Cardcar D to draw two cards and end his turn.  During the End Phase, Nicolas uses Sinister Shadow Games to send Shaddoll Squamata which sends Shaddoll Dragon to the grave.  Shaddoll Dragon destroys Brandon's set Dimensional Prison.

Nicolas uses Raiden to send Sinister Shadow Games and Black Dragon Collapserpent to the grave.  During the End Phase, Raiden mills another Raiden and Shaddoll Falco, which tries to summon itself facedown but Brandon chains Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror, but Nicolas has the in-hand Mystical Space Typhoon to push the effect through!

8000 (Nicolas) - 6300 (Brandon)

Brandon summons Geargiarsenal and runs over Shaddoll Falco, which brings back Shaddoll Beast facedown.  Main Phase 2 Geargiarsenal brings out Geargiarmor.  He flips Geargiarmor facedown, sets a backrow and ends.

Nicolas sends Soul Charge and Shaddoll Beast to the grave with Raiden, letting him draw a card.  He then banishes Black Dragon Collapserpent to summon White Dragon Wyverbuster.  He continues on and Synchro Summons Scrap Shaddoll Dragon.  Brandon uses CED before Scrap Shaddoll Dragon can do any damage.  He continues on and uses Soul Charge for Raiden, Shaddoll Dragon, Shaddoll Falco, and Shaddoll Beast.  He Synchro Summons Arcanite Magician and Brandon uses Breakthrough Skill to stop it from gaining counters.  Nicolas then uses Mind Control on Geargiarmor to then Synchro Summon Stardust Spark Shaddoll Dragon.  Nicolas then tries to use Shaddoll Fusion but Brandon flips up Non-Fusion Area to stop the summon.  Nicolas passes without another play.

4000 (Nicolas) - 6300 (Brandon)

Brandon draws, sets a monster and a backrow and ends his turn.

Nicolas starts with an Allure of Darkness, banishing Shaddoll Beast.  He then uses Upstart Goblin to dig one deeper. An Mystical Space Typhoon hits Bradon's set Fiendish Chain.  Nicolas flips up his set Shaddoll Beast, drawing him two cards while discarding Soul Charge.  Another Mystical Space Typhoon hits the Non-Fusion Area.  He uses Spark's effect on itself then attacks Brandon's Geargiarmor with his Shaddoll Beast, netting Brandon a Geargiaccelerator.  Main Phase 2 he sets a backrow which is hit by Mystical Space Typhoon, a Super Polymerization.

4000 (Nicolas) - 2900 (Brandon)

Brandon Normal Summons Geargiaccelerator, then summons another, but in response Nicolas summons Flying "C" to Brandon's field!  Bradon passes without another play.

Nicolas runs over the Geargiaccelerators and attacks direct while Brandon adds Geargiarsenal and Geargiarmor to his hand.

4000 (Nicolas) - 1400 (Brandon)

Brandon draws for turn and offers the handshake, unable to mount a comeback.


Nicolas takes Lightsworn-powered Shaddolls to a 3-0 record!

Joe Soto