ARGCS Orlando Top 4 Report

Hello Duelists! This week I'd like to share my tournament experience with you guys from ARGCS Orlando this past weekend. I went undefeated in Swiss using Qliphort (tying round 8, and scooping my last round). Then I would go on to lose in top 4 to the eventual winner. Let's get right into it!

Round 1: Qliphort

So I gave out my deck list to one person who was attending the event and who else would I play if not the only person in the room that has the same list as me?

Game 1: He goes first and I leave him at very low life and I think I won because I can just do the rest of the damage on my next turn, but he activates Snatch Steal and I lose.

Game 2: He normal summons a Qliphort and because I know he's siding Dynatherium I allow it, he special summons Dynatherium and makes an Evilswarm Exciton Knight. I use Solemn Warning, and luckily he doesn't have Snatch Steal and I just win because I destroy his Scout.

Game 3: He summons Ragnazero turn one and sets three. I opened with Snatch Steal, Qliphort monster, Dynatherium, Saqlifice, Dust Tornado and either Dynatherium or another Qliphort monster.

I summon Number 101 and he uses Solemn Warning. I set 2 and pass. He attacks and I allow it. He sets a new card to his backrow and I use Dust Tornado on an old card (hoping it's a Mystical Space Typhoon or Dust Tornado, so that way he would chain it on my set Saqlifice). I do end up destroying a Dust Tornado that he chains on my Saqlifice (just like I wanted)! I search Scout. On my turn I drew either a Qliphort monster or Dynatherium, I activate Scout and he uses Spell Shattering Arrow, which leaves him at 1 backrow, so I summon out Cairngorgon knowing that if he has any real trap card he would use it now, then I activate Snatch Steal and it resolves, I end up riding the Ragnazero and Cairngorgon to victory!

Round 2: Yang Zing

Game 1: I go first and end with Carrier + Saqlifice with a backrow or two. He sets a monster and a backrow and passes, and next turn I search Disk for game. As he is scooping up his cards he reveals a Yang Zing monster so now I can side correctly.

Game 2: I opened trap cards and chose not to summon my monsters in attack mode.  Until I had game I just Pendulum Summoned in defense mode so that he couldn't really do anything.

Round 3: Satellarknight Shaddoll

YouTube feature (noteworthy to know that he was using 45 cards)

Game 1: I Helix the only card that would make me -1 out of his 3 set cards which was Stellarnova Alpha, and a snatch steal from him seals the game.

Game 2+3: He didn't see a Deneb until it was too late.

Round 4: Qliphort

He goes first and opens with Scout and Carrier + Saqlifice with some backrow, I couldn't OTK him but I do clear his field. On his turn he uses Hidden Armory to add Snatch Steal, and unfortunately my only backrows are 2 Skill Drains, he Pendulum Summons and I lose that turn, yet another game where I thought I was going to win only to get Snatch Steal'd for game.

Game 2: None of us are able to get a Scout to resolve, I remember that he used Hidden Armory to get a Snatch Steal and didn't use it on my Helix because he wanted to wait, so I didn't summon another monster or equip Saqlifice until I could OTK him and by that time I had a Mystical Space Typhoon anyway

Game 3: I don't remember anything about this game but I won.

Round 5: Qliphort

YouTube Feature

The reason I won game 2 is because when you open Performapal Trampolynx, Scout and a Disk/Helix/Saqlifice your ending field is supposed to end in Disk, a rank 4 (Or 2 more monsters in your extra deck), Performapal Trampolynx, Scout on the field, and a Qlimate Change set (or, if you don't play Qlimate Change, Saqlifice equipped to Disk).

His field, however, ended in a Disk, Performapal Trampolynx, Scout and a Scout in hand which is noticeably weaker than the ending field I had above.

Round 6: Qliphort Justin Brothers

Livestream feature

Game 1: He goes first and ends with a Scout on the field along with Carrier + Saqlifice and one backrow. My hand is full of monsters, for turn I draw Night Beam, activate it, and show my opponent my hand and let him know that I can OTK him, so he scoops.

Game 2: He started with 5 backrow, I started with 2 Scouts both of which got destroyed, and my monster got Bottomless Trap Holed. I special summoned Dynatherium and attacked. This left me with a Saqlifice, and a Compulsory Evacuation Device. He draws and passes. I activate Summoners Art and my Scout gets destroyed so I attack and pass. He draws Helix and on the summon I Compulsory Evacuation Device it. On my turn I drew a Dust Tornado so I attacked, set it, and passed. He summoned Helix and attacked over my Dynatherium. On my turn I drew Qlimate Change! He just attacked with Helix, set one, and passed. On my turn I got back 3 Scouts, and next turn he still didn’t draw a Scout so I won the turn after.

I wished him good luck and said I'd see him in top cut (little did I know I would play him in top 16).

Round 7: Burning Abyss

Game 1: I don't remember anything from this game other than that I won in a very convincing fashion thanks to Magical Hats, but I did see Burning Abyss monsters so I sided accordingly.

Game 2: He opts to let me go first and at this point I realized that he was using Trapless Burning Abyss! This would explain why he didn't mill any traps off Dante the previous game. If I had any backrow it got Mystical Space Typhoon'd and my ending field was Carrier + Saqlifice with a Disk in hand. He summons Tour Guide uses effect and summons a Graff from his hand so I know that he has 2 more in his hand. He then summons Dante, and doesn't mill Cir, then special summons Scarm using Graff’s effect. Then he uses Snatch Steal to take my Carrier, attacks with both, sets no backrow, adds a Tour Guide and passes. I only have a Disk in my hand, the only way I can win this game is if I draw 1 of my 3 Mystical Space Typhoons or draw one of my 2 Dust Tornados to get rid of his Snatch Steal. And for turn I drew a Mystical Space Typhoon! So I just OTKed him. He ended up telling me that he mained 2 Gorz and just never saw them.

Round 8: Vs Jackie

Well were both undefeated so we decided to tie, and guarantee our top.  It was pretty cool to see 2/3 people that traveled out from California went undefeated.

Round 9 vs Stellarknights

I decided that I wanted to be seeded lower because I decided that I would rather not play against x-2s since a lot of my friends were x-2 and trying to squeeze in so I wanted to play against the x-1's or x-1-1's. So instead of tying with my opponent I decided to give him the win and play it out for fun since I wanted to play some yugioh.

Game 1: I went first and didn't see Scout but put damage on board really fast, then summoned a Number 106: Giant Hand and attacked for exact game next turn.

Game 2: He doesn't see Deneb for a while but after he used Mystical Space Typhoon on my Scout and Dimensional Prisoned a lot of my monsters, eventually he gets to Deneb with 2 Wiretaps backing up his plays and I lose soon after.

Game 3: I didn't open Scout or Saqlifice and couldn't deal with his trap cards so he got that game.

I end up in 3rd place and play the highest x-2 anyway, the same guy who I played in the round 6 Livestream.

Top 16: Qliphort Justin Brothers

Backup Livestream, Top 16 is untimed and the judge tells us to start. Out of all the Qliphort decks in top cut, this is the only guy who has the best chance of beating me because the list he was using is very similar to the list that I used to top YCS Anaheim.

Game 1: I go first and open with Helix + Saqlifice and Scout on field, set Solemn Warning and another backrow, on his turn I Solemn Warning his normal summon and just OTK him next turn.

Game 2: Or so I thought

As me and Justin present our decks to each other the head judge comes into the feature match area angrily and tells everybody to RESTART. Now I'm confused because I don't understand what the problem was, it's untimed and game 1 is already over. But my word does nothing and we restart (needless to say my opponent is pretty happy).

Game 1.5: Luckily we got to keep the dice roll result. So I go first and I think I opened Scout with 2 Mystical Space Typhoons/Dust Tornado, and a Saqlifice and OTK'D my opponent on his next turn so luckily for me I did end up winning game 1 again. Unfortunately Jackie wasn't as fortunate and after winning her Game 1 the first time, the restart would have her lose game 1.

Game 2: I don't really remember this game, I just know that I lost.

Game 3: I don't open with any real trap cards but I do have the setup of Scout Carrier+Saqlifice with a Qlimate Change set and a Mystical Space Typhoon, my only chance is if my opponent doesn't OTK me. He starts off with a Scout that I Mystical Space Typhoon, then he activates another one. Uh-oh. He then searches for Saqlifice and normal summons a Disk so I am instantly relieved because he isn't going to OTK me. Next turn I OTK him through Compulsory Evacuation Device and his Mystical Space Typhoon. After the match I took a look at his hand, and he did have the OTK turn one. He just didn't realize that he had it, because he forgot that I Mystical Space Typhoon'd his first Scout.

Top 8: Qliphort

YouTube feature

Game 1: I open 2 Spell/Trap destruction cards, Bottomless Trap Hole, Scout and Magical Hats. So after resolving Magical Hats I won shortly after.

Game 2: He activates 2 Scout turn one, so even though I didnt see a Scout or Saqlifice of my own on the first turn a Spell Shattering Arrow seals the game.

Top 4: Burning Abyss

Game 1: He opens pretty well, and I open with no Scout or Saqlifice, just a Vanity's Emptiness which is soon removed from the field so I end up losing pretty quickly.

Game 2: This is the game that I am most proud of in quite a while. The situation was unwinnable in my opinion but somehow I pulled through. I don't think I can describe how I ended up winning. All I remember is that I ended with a Heartlandraco and a Volcasaurus and left him at 1600 (when you guys watch the feature it says that he is at 3100 life points but he is not). So no matter what he did I could burn him for damage on his next turn so he scoops. This is a game that I recommend you guys to all watch once ARG posts the feature matches to their YouTube because I'm not sure how I pulled out the win in this game.

Game 3: My opening hand was Qliphort Scout, Snatch Steal, Maxx C, Saqlifice, Compulsory Evacuation Device and a Mystical Space Typhoon.

He summons Mathematician and sets 3 or 4, and adds Tour Guide to his hand. I realize that he has to have at least two Mystical Space Typhoons set so I activate my Snatch Steal on his Mathematician, my only chance at winning this game is if I can somehow get him to destroy my Snatch Steal, I attack and he thinks for a bit, then allows it. On his turn he summons Tour Guide and I use Maxx c because I can use Compulsory Evacuation Device on his Cir and hopefully that will allow me to get him to destroy my Snatch Steal and exactly what I wanted happened, he used Mystical Space Typhoon on my Snatch Steal after I used Compulsory Evacuation Device on his Cir. So he just attacks me with Tour Guide and Mathematician. This leaves me with a set Saqlifice and Mystical Space Typhoon to his 2 backrow.

For my turn I draw another Scout so that made my decision very easy so I activate 2 Scouts and both get Mystical Space Typhoon'd so I activate the third one, search Carrier flip Saqlifice and attack over Tour Guide. (If I didn't draw my third Scout I would have just used Mystical Space Typhoon on his last facedown after he got rid of my first Scout, and he would have chained his spell/Trap destruction card on my facedown Saqlifice if it wasn't a Twister or Fairy Wind). So now the only way he can win is if he is able to draw into 1 of the 2 Tour Guide he has left in his deck and a Spell/Trap destruction card or 2 Spell/Trap destruction cards to stall. So for his turn he draws Fairy Wind, then he has his Mathematician attack into my Carrier and draws a Tour Guide. He uses Virgil to spin back my Scout then makes Ghostrick Alucard. Now I know that he drew a very important card for his turn that he wants to make sure will resolve (more than likely a Spell/Trap destruction card, I assumed) so in order to prevent him from getting a Scarm search I used Mystical Space Typhoon on my Saqlifice on the summon of Alucard and added Disk, this way I could summon Evilswarm Exciton Knight and if I draw any of 7 or 8 Floodgates I could still win the game. Alternatively, if I drew Saqlifice then I could win that turn. So luckily for me the odds were in my favor and I drew Vanity's Emptiness, summoned Evilswarm Exciton Knight and destroyed his set Fairy Wind (which shows that my read was correct), set Emptiness, and he adds Tour Guide and draws for his turn. He summons Tour Guide then I flip Emptiness, he sets 1 and passes. I drew Night Beam but didn't want to destroy my Vanity's Emptiness, so I just attacked, and he uses Phoenix Wing Wind Blast on my Exciton which leaves him at 0 cards and I'm at 4100 life points. I pass, on his turn he draws a Mathematician (probably the best card in that situation) sends a Scarm, attacks, and adds a Cir during the End Phase. On my turn I draw Helix, so I summon it and attack over Tour Guide. On his turn he sets one and passes. On my turn I know if I draw a monster I probably win, I draw Mystical Space Typhoon, set that and Night Beam and pass. He draws, thinks for awhile, sets one and passes.

So if I draw a monster I'm pretty sure that I still win, but I draw Skill Drain and pass. He passes. On my turn I draw another Mystical Space Typhoon, set it and pass. On his turn he uses Dust Tornado on one of my Mystical Space Typhoons, I chain it on his facedown, he chains his Phoenix Wing Wind Blast on one of my backrow instead of on my Helix, he targets my Skill Drain discarding Cir so I am forced to use Mystical Space Typhoon on my Skill Drain so that I can still try to draw Scout. That leaves me with just a set Night Beam, to his Virgil and Mathematician, so I still have a turn to draw Scout (he used at least one Upstart Goblin in a previous turn) but then he activates the Snatch Steal that he drew for turn and I extend the handshake because my life points are going to hit 0.

3/4 Playoff: Burning Abyss

We were both kinda bummed out about losing in top 4 and we had to play since it was going to be streamed so we just wanted to get this match over with.

Game 1: I opened Cat + Scout (for the first time in the tournament) with no real backrow except Dust Tornado, and opt to end with a Carrier + Saqlifice as opposed to a Disk. I realized that if he had the OTK I was going to lose regardless of whether I summoned Disk or left Carrier and decided that it would be better to leave a Carrier on the field that way I can OTK him next turn for sure if he didn't OTK me. Unfortunately he did have the OTK so I lost the game, he also revealed a Lake to me so even if he went first he would've been in a good position.
Game 2: I don't open Scout or Saqlifice, eventually his field is Acid Golem + Virgil while I have Skill Drain and Disk with no cards in hand, he attacks, when I draw for turn he reveals a Wing Blast that he drew for turn which was enough for me to scoop, I did end up drawing a Scout for turn which would have been helpful as I could Pendulum Summon back my Disk and Scout and attack over Acid Golem but it was irrelevant.

I go and commentate (for the first time ever) the finals with Trevor and Spencer. After that I go and give a deck profile to my new good friend Kyle Jones, so if you guys are curious about some of my card choices or just wanna see the deck profile on a video instead of written down, feel free to check out the deck profile on his channel!

An ARGCS win evades me yet again, although I am still very satisfied with my top 4 finish! Thanks to those who helped me playtest whenever I asked, mainly Michael Comaduran, Mitchell Martin, and Omar Daoudi. A big thanks as always to my buddy Robert “Mathematician” Mushkatblat for being good with numbers. Special thanks to Jim and Brad for hosting the circuits! Shout out to everyone who I talked to this weekend, it was great to meet so many of you in person for the first time this weekend or just to see you again after not seeing you for a while! I hope to see you all and more at the next ARGCS! That's all for this week's article! If you'd like to see me write about a certain topic feel free to message me on Facebook.

And As Always Play Hard or Go Home!