ARGCS Seattle Final: Anthony Eckroth (Burning Abyss) vs. Rosty Elkun (Qliphorts)

It all comes down to this! Anthony Eckroth comes in finishing 1st place after Day 1, trying to complete a feat no other 1 seed as done at an ARGCS: claim the title. He will have to go through Rosty Elkun, who surely will not go down without a fight! Both players have vanquished many a foe to get to finals, including playing against this same match-up in their Top 4 matches (Buring Abyss vs. Qliphorts). Who will be the newest ARGCS champion and win the crown in Seattle? Rosty wins the dice roll and chooses to go first in this best 3 out of 5 match. Both players wish each other luck, and here we go!


Game 1


Rosty starts off with Summoner's Art (or as Rosty says, "ARTTTT!") searching Scout. He uses the effect to search for Saqlifice. He then activates Pot of Duality, choosing Helix over Scout and Dust Tornado. Rosty normal summons Helix, equips it with Saqlifice and sets three backrows before ending his turn.

8000 (Anthony) - 7200 (Rosty)

Anthony begins by specialing Rubic from hand. He normal summons Cir. Rosty looks at all of his backrows and responds with Torrential Tribute. Anthony special summons Rubic off Cir and Rosty adds Scout off of Saqlifice. Anthony sets three backrows and passes.

8000 (Anthony) - 7200 (Rosty)

Rosty pays 800 for Scot and searches for Carrier. He then flips up a Pot of Daulity, revealing 2 Skill Drain and an MST. He chooses a Skill Drain. Rosty then normal summons Carrier, to which Anthony looks at his backrows but allows. Rosty flips up another Saqlfice and equips it to Carrier. he sets two more backrows and passes.

8000 (Anthony) - 6400 (Rosty)

Anthony normal summons Scarm, and dives into his extra deck, but chooses to play Fire Lake instead! He targets Scout, Carrier and a backrow backrows. Rosty chains Dust Tornado to destroy Karma Cut and Rosty searches Scout off of Saqlifice. Anthony goes to the end phase and searches Tour Guide.

Rosty plays Scout and Anthony allows it. Rosty searches his deck for Disk. He plays Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon in his other pendulum zone, and Anthony debates whether or not to respond with MST. Anthony allows it. Rosty then pendulum summons four monsters, then tributes a Helix and Scout for Disk. Anthony chains MST on Rosty's backrow which was targeted by Helix. Once Rosty special summons two more Qliphorts from his deck off of Disk, Anthony concedes.

Rosty takes game one with a flurry of monsters after using multiple Scouts and Saqlifices! Anthony chooses to go first in game 2.

Game 2


Anthony starts off by normal summoning Tour Guide, using the effect to special Graff. Rosty responds with Maxx "C", drawing a card. Anthony sets a backrow and passes.

Rosty plays MST on Anthony's facedown, to which he responds with Fairy Wind. Rosty then normal summons Helix and equips it with Saqlifice. Hen then attacks over Graff. Anthony specials Scarm and it's destroyed. Anthony searches for Tour Guide in the end phase.

7700 (Anthony) - 7700 (Rosty)

Anthony normal summons Tour Guide, and Rosty responds with Skill Drain. Anthony then overlays into Dante, using the effect to mill Rubic, MST and Scarm. he sets a backrow and searches for Cir.

7700 (Anthony) - 6700 (Rosty)

Rosty tributes Helix for Disk. Helix targets Anthony's backrow to return it to hand, and Anthony responds with Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, discarding Cir to target Rosty's last set backrow. Rosty adds Scout off of Saqlifice, and Anthony summons Scarm off of Cir. Rosty plays Scout to search for Carrier. Rosty plays Carrier in his other pendulum zone, and pendulum summons a Helix. Disk attacks over Dante and that adds Cir to hand. Rosty sets a bacakrow and passes.

7700 (Anthony) - 5900 (Rosty)

Anthony reveals and specials Rubic from hand. He then normal summons Calcab, and overlays into Dante, sending Calcal to mill 2 Firelakes and a Calcab. Rosty responds with Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror so that Calcab's effect is negated! Anthony special summons Scarm from hand, then Cir follows up. He sets a backrow and passes.

Rosty pays 800 with Scout but Anthony responds with Fairy Wind! Both players take 1200! Rosty however has another Scout, which he uses the effect grabbing Carrier. He then pendulum summons a Carrier, Helix and Scout to the field. Carrier attacks over Cir, which brings out Dante. Rosty passes with nothing further.

6500 (Anthony) - 3100 (Rosty)

Anthony mills his last Fire Lake, Beginning of the End and Solemn Warning off of a Dante effect. He then normals Graff and overlays into his third Dante. He uses the effect to Mill Alich, Karma Cut and Raigeki. Anthony specials Cir off of Graff. He switches all Dantes to attack mode. He crashes a Dante into a Carrier to retrieve Fire Lake from grave. He then attacks with another Dante over Carrier. He sets two backrows and passes.

5400 (Anthony) - 3100 (Rosty)

During the draw phase, Anthony plays Fairy Wind to destroy both cards in Rosty' pendulum zones. Anthony then plays Fire Lake, sending a Dante and Cir to destroy Rosty's 3 on-field Qliphort monsters. Anthony specials Rubic and adds Cir to hand. Rosty then sets a backrow and passes.

4800 (Anthony) - 2300 (Rosty)

Anthony top decks an MST and plays it immediately. Rosty scoops up his cards and now it's all tied up!

Game 3


Rosty begins with Upstart Goblin. He then summons Carrier, equips it with Saqlifice, sets two backrows and passes.

9000 (Anthony) - 8000 (Rosty)

Anthony reveals and specials Alich, then normal summons Graff. he overlays into Dante, detaching Graff to mill Allure of Darkness, Fire Lake and Scarm. Rosty responds with Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror. Anthony sets two backrows and passes.

9000 (Anthony) - 7600 (Rosty)

Rosty tributes Carrier for Helix, sending Dante back to the extra deck. Rosty adds Scout off of Saqlifice, plays it and pays for the effect, but Anthony responds with Fairy Wind. Rosty then attacks directly with Helix equipped with a newly drawn Saqlifice. During the end phase, Anthony plays Karma Cut discariding Cir to banish Helix. Rosty adds Scout and Anthony specials Graff from grave.

8400 (Anthony) - 6200 (Rosty)

Anthony overlays the two monsters for Dante, but Rosty has Maxx "C". Anthony presses on, specialing Cir from Graff. He follows up with Calcab, and overlays for another Dante, detaching Cir and brings out Alich to attack for game!

Anthony presses through a Maxx "C" to win the game with double Dante and another Burning Abyss monster! Rosty needs to win the remaining game to stay alive! He will go first. "What can I do to get a Scout around here?" asked Rosty.

Game 4


Rosty's wish is granted, and he starts off with Scout, searching Disk. he then plays Duality revealing another Duality, Helix and Saqlifice. he adds the equip spell. Summons Helix, plays it along with the newly added Saqlifice, sets a backrow and plays Odd-Eyes. During the end phase Rosty adds another Scout to his hand off of Odd-Eyes.

8000 (Anthony) - 7200 (Rosty)

Anthony starts with Foolish Burial, sending Graff, which specials Scarm to the field. Anthony then sets four backrows! He passes with nothing further.

Rosty pays 800 for Scout and Anthony allows it. Rosty searches his deck for another copy of Saqlifice. He tributes Helix for Disk. Helix targets a backrow, being Karma Cut. Anthony responds with it, pitching Beginning of the End. Rosty then adds Disk to hand from Saqlifice and specials a copy of Carrier and Helix. Rosty then plays Carrier in his other pendulum zone, and Anthony thinks about responding. Anthony eventually lets the play go through! Rosty pendulum summons one from hand and one from his extra deck, but is met with Bottomless Trap Hole. Rosty sets a card and passes, with his last two monsters leaving the field from Disk's effect.

8000 (Anthony) - 6400 (Rosty)

Anthony normal summons Cir, then overlays for Dante. He detaches Cir to mill another Cir, Rubic and Tour Guide. Cir specials Graff from grave. Anthony attacks wit Graff and Dante but Rosty responds with Skill Drain to take less damage. After resolution he responds with Fairy Wind. In main phase two Anthony overlays for Downered then searches Graff off of Scarm.

7100 (Anthony) - 2500 (Rosty)

Rosty plays another copy of Scout, pays 800 and Anthony plays Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, discarding Graff to bounce Scout. Anthony specials Scarm from deck and it's destroyed. He grabs Tour Guide in the end phase.

7100 (Anthony) - 1700 (Rosty)

Anthony normal summons Tour Guide to special Cir from deck, He swings with all of his monsters, and after Rosty looks at his backrows, he flips over Compulsory Evacuation Device to bounce Cir, but Downerd Magician attacks for game! Anthony wins the match 3-1!

Anthony has done it! From 1st after Swiss to 1st Day 2, Anthony only dropped 3 games all tournament in a truly incredible feat! Congratulations to Anthony, as well as all of the competitors here at ARGCS Seattle!