ARGCS Seattle Runner-Up Tournament Report

Hello Duelists! This week I'm back with a tournament report from ARGCS Seattle. I ended up finishing in second place. I flew into Seattle with my friends Diego Haltom, who made top 16 using the same list, Robert Mushkatblat, who lost the last round to miss the top cut, and we met up with Johnathon Gomez who flew in an hour before us. He also went x-2 but unfortunately placed 17th. After getting approximately 2 hours of sleep, we went down to the Seattle center. Let's get right into it!

Round 1: "Back-up Twitch Feature" vs Shaddoll Die Roll: Loss

He wins the die roll and opts to let me go first, so I assume he's playing Shaddoll or Mermail. I didn't open Scout but I did open Qliphort Disk with Skill Drain, and next turn I draw Pot of Duality to grab an Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon which would end up being enough to secure the game. He didn’t get much going, but I saw he was playing Shaddoll.

Game 2: I open up with Dust Tornado, Mystical Space Typhoon, Carrier, Saqlifice, Duality and another monster. I drew for turn, and drew another Carrier or a Helix. He goes first this time, ends up setting three, and either sets Falco or uses Mathematician to send it (probably the latter). I use Pot of Duality which doesn't reveal Scout so I add another Mystical Space Typhoon. I set Dust and one Mystical Space Typhoon, summon Carrier, equip it with Saqlifice and pass. On his next turn he makes Arcanite uses its effect to destroy Carrier and a Mystical Space Typhoon which I chain on one of his facedowns that ends up being El Shaddoll Fusion. I searched Scout with Saqlifice, he uses Shaddoll Core, then summons out El Shaddoll Construct. Core adds back El Shaddoll Fusion. The game gets really simplified to the point where I have some cards but he only has Shaddoll Core and El Shaddoll Fusion in hand and one non-Shaddoll monster on the field. He drew Vanity's Fiend for turn, summons it (this is when we come on Stream), and next turn I just flip up Skill Drain, summon all my monsters, and OTK him.

Round 2: Twitch Feature Match vs Qliphort Die Roll: Win

Game 1: I go first and end with a Scout on the field, an Archive equipped with Saqlifice, Dust, Mystical Space Typhoon, and another real trap card. He sets three and passes. During his end phase I destroy a Trap Stun and a Mystical Space Typhoon, and he scoops on my turn.

I think that he is playing either Burning Abyss or Shaddoll but wasn't 100% sure so sided into two Shadow Imprisoning Mirrors and a Qlimate Change. While he was shuffling I thought I saw a green card which I interpreted as Qliphort Disk but decided not to change my sides anyway.

Game 2: He goes first and uses Summoner’s Art, and I think to myself, “Thank goodness I didn't open Shadow Imprisoning Mirror!” The game gets simplified really quickly as he has a Helix equipped with Saqlifice and sets the card that he drew for turn. I believe Solemn Warning was gone at that pont, so I Pendulum Summon 4 (2 Scouts, Carrier, and Helix), ensuring that he can’t OTK me next turn if his drawn card had been a Bottomless Trap Hole. He activates the card "The Selection", and I didn't realize why he was so happy up until I read it. There went my 4 monsters and the game was over.

Game 3: I open pretty well, but he uses 2 Mystical Space Typhoons to get rid of both my Scouts, which leaves him with one backrow. I summon Ragnazero, and also only have one backrow. He flips up his backrow which is a third Mystical Space Typhoon, destroying my Time Space Trap Hole. Then he activates the Performapal Trampolynx that he drew for turn, and activates a Qliphort Helix in the other Pendulum zone. He pendulum summons a Qliphort Scout, then uses Performapal Trampolynx to return Helix to his hand. Then he tribute summons Qliphort Helix, and activates another Qliphort Helix in his pendulum zone. Unfortunately for me, Helix lowers opponent’s monsters attack points as opposed to increasing his own monster’s attack so I couldn't use Ragnazero’s effect. He attacks over my Ragnazero. I have essentially one turn to draw my third Scout and cannot do it.

He would end up making the top16, finishing x-1-1, so Congrats!

Round 3: Shaddoll

Die Roll: Win

When we sit down we exchange greetings and he says, "I really hope you’re playing Qliphort."

Ask and you shall receive, my friend.

Game 1: I win the die roll, activate Qliphort Scout and when he uses his Artifact Sanctum to summon Beagaltach, I flip up Skill Drain and the game ends promptly after.

Game 2: I don't really remember much but I know I flipped up Shadow Imprisoning Mirror and he didn't get rid of it so I won quickly.

Round 4: Twitch Feature vs Shaddoll (Squiddy)

Die Roll: Win

Game 1: I go first and open pretty well, and he just sets a monster and passes. I put up well over 8000 damage, even through his set Squamata, and OTK.

Game 2: He has too much spell and trap destruction and I lose because can't get anything going.

Game 3: I noticed that he was siding Fire and Ice Hand in game 2, so after he set a monster I assumed it was a hand. I summoned out Abyss Dweller with four other monsters, thinking that it was an unbreakable board, especially since I had a normal summoned Disk. His monster ended up being a Shaddoll Hedgehog instead of a Hand, and thanks to an Upstart Goblin I could not OTK him. Next turn Squiddy activates the searched Shaddoll Fusion, and I still don't see how he can game me, as even Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning wouldn't be enough damage as I was at 2300 or something similar, but he activates Raigeki and the effect became, "Your opponent signs the slip, and marks himself the loser."

At this point in the tournament I'm pretty bummed out since I don't think that I'm topping. And ignore most people who tell me I still have a chance.

Round 5: Shaddoll

Die Roll: Loss

My opponent and I are both rather indifferent at this point, but I decide might as well try for the top 32.

Game 1: I open Qliphort Carrier with no Scout or Saqlifice, but a Skill Drain and Vanity's Emptiness keep me in the game long enough to where I manage to win through sheer damage output.

Game 2: I have floodgates and he doesn't have enough responses to them.

Round 6: Batteryman

Die Roll: Win

Game 1: Yet again I don't open Scout. I do have Helix and Saqlifice, though. I summon, equip, and set Solemn Warning. He sets a monster and three backrow and passes. I attack into his facedown monster, and it is a Batteryman Micro Cell (When flipped, you can special summon a Batteryman from the deck, usually 9-Volt for the search, then you draw one card if it’s destroyed by battle). I use Solemn Warning on the effect. Next turn he sets a monster and passes. I tribute my Helix for a Carrier, search Scout with Saqlifice. Scout resolves, I search Carrier, and Pendulum summon back Helix. I attack over another Micro Cell and the Batteryman 9-Volt that it brought out. Next turn he gets rid of all my monsters. He puts a lot of damage on board but can't OTK me and I'm left at more than 800, so I just OTK him properly next turn.

Game 2: He OTK'D me before I could get Scout to resolve

Game 3: After seeing my hand I get really worried. I only had Dust Tornado x2, Emptiness, Carrier, and Disk. So basically if he summons Batteryman 9-Volt then I lose because he can just attack over Qliphort Carrier and I don't think I can come back before he OTKs me. He has 3 Thunder Sea Horse, 3 9-Volt, and Duality to get to 9-Volt, but thankfully, he just set backrow! I used my Dust Tornados and next turn I drew either a Scout or Saqlifice and won on that turn or the next turn. So that was way too close.

Round 7: Evilswarm Hands

Die Roll: Loss

Game 1: He goes first and sets some backrow and a facedown monster. I yet again do not open Scout or Saqlifice but have Disk, Torrential Tribute, and Skill Drain. I summon Disk, set 2 and pass. On his turn he normal summons Castor, normal summons Thunderbird, and I activate Torrential Tribute, chaining Skill Drain after he declares Thunderbird effect. Unfortunately for me the facedown monster was an Ice Hand that destroyed my Skill Drain. Eventually I get full control of the game, but he topdecks Evilswarm Kerkyon while I'm at 3000 so he just summons Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon, targets a normal summoned Carrier and attacks for 2500. On my next turn I didn't really read Dark Rebellion too closely, and didn't notice he kept the gained attack forever. So instead of tilting my monsters to defense mode I attacked and lost the rest of my life points. Oops!

Game 2: I open Scout, Helix, Solemn Warning and 2 S/T destruction cards and win shortly after.

Game 3: He doesn't summon Evilswarm Ophion on the first turn, and doesn't have an out to my Skill Drain after using Fairy Wind to stop my Scout. Skill Drain stops him from resolving Exciton’s effect and he loses the turn after.

Round 8: Qliphorts

Die Roll: Win

Game 1: We get Deck Checked, and in a couple of minutes we find out that my opponent has a game loss, for having an extra copy of a card in his deck box (which I would later find out to be Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon) and he gets a game loss.

Game 2: I end with Solemn Warning set, Mystical Space Typhoon set, Scout, and Carrier + Saqlifice on field. He activates Night Beam and hits my Solemn Warning. Then he activates Scout and I use Mystical Space Typhoon on it. Then he activates another Scout, adds Carrier. Puts Carrier in the Pendulum zone and Pendulum summons a Scout from extra deck, a Carrier from hand, and a third Scout from hand! Then summons Qliphort Disk and OTKs me.

Game 3: I open pretty good, and after various spell and trap destruction on his Scouts all he can do is summon Carrier and equip it with Saqlifice just like I did the past turn. He sets a card that didn't do anything and I OTK'd him next turn.

My friend (and ARGCS Judge) Austin is telling me that I probably made it into the top 16, so is Zak, but I'm still doubtful. I come just in time to see my buddy Diego beat Steve Klaus in the mirror match.

Then the top 16 are announced and I squeeze in at 15th! Diego also came in 12th place using the same list. I find out our friend Johnathon got 17th which is unfortunate.
I found out I'm playing vs Stellarknights. On our way to eat, I briefly discuss the Stellarknight matchup with Eckroth. I confirm that because I can Floodgate them with cards such as Skill Drain and Vanity's Emptiness game 1, the matchup is in my favor because they have much smaller normal summons and don’t have any similar floodgates to play against me.

T16: Written Feature vs Stellarknights Die Roll: Win

You guys can read all about it here:

Game 1: I went first with Scout and Skill Drain, so this was a short game.

Game 2: I set my hand before using Scout because I knew that he sided Mind Crush and I didn't want him to see my hand. I also had Skill Drain and Scout with 2 Wiretaps for both of his Fairy Winds, safe to say that I opened amazing. I didn't attack into his Bujintei Tsukuyomi until I drew a second monster, because if he activated Dimensional Prison then I'd probably lose.

T8: Vs Qliphort

Die Roll: Loss

Game 1: I don't remember much of game 1 but it went very quickly and I won.

Game 2: He activates Duality to add Saqlifice then uses Scout to add a Carrier. Then he activates Performapal Trampolynx, forgetting that he activated Pot of Duality. He ends with Carrier, Performapal Trampolynx, Scout, Saqlifice and 2 cards set. While being upset at himself for activating Performapal Trampolynx he accidentally flashed a Bottomless Trap Hole to me.

I look at my hand and see that it is Qliphort Disk, 3 Saqlifice, Mystical Space Typhoon, and Spell Shattering Arrow. I know that I can’t win if he uses Bottomless Trap Hole on my first monster so I activate Mystical Space Typhoon and managed to hit the Bottomless Trap Hole! Then I Summon Qliphort Disk and equip it with a Saqlifice, set the rest of my hand, and pass. During his Main Phase he flips up Night Beam and destroys a Saqlifice. When he pays his 800 for Scout, I say I'll use Spell Shattering Arrow, to which he responds "Damn, really?"

I say, "Yeah," and he says,

"If you actually have it I'll just scoop now."

I reveal it and he extends the handshake since he assumed he that he couldn't stop my onslaught next turn.

T4: Twitch Feature Vs Burning Abyss

Die Roll: Loss

Game 1: He goes first and summons Tour Guide from The Underworld and summons Cir for some reason. He overlays for Dante, detaches Tour Guide to mill 3, and doesn't mill a Graff. He then passes without any backrow. I look at my hand and don't have Scout. I activate Upstart Goblin and I draw Summoner’s Art! The rest of my hand was 2 Disk, a Saqlifice and can't remember the rest (probably Vanity's Emptiness) so I add a Carrier. I activate Disk in a pendulum zone, pendulum summon Carrier, equip it with Saqlifice, tribute it for Disk use their effects, and I set Emptiness after attacking. After all that damage and Emptiness he couldn't come back.

Game 2: He ends with Dante, set 2. I activate Scout and he uses Mystical Space Typhoon on it. I summon Carrier, and he says sure. Then I use Saqlifice and he chains Karma Cut because he believed that I would not get the search from Saqlifice. I do get the search, added Scout, and off Scout added Carrier, then Pendulum summoned back Tool, equipped Saqlifice and completely forgot that I had already normal summoned that turn (because of the ruling dispute on whether I search or not) so I summoned Disk by mistake. Luckily it was caught and we just reversed the game state (thank you Twitch watchers!). Next turn I activated Skill Drain when he used a monster effect, then on my next turn I Pendulum summoned 3 Qliphort Disks (all at their regular attack thanks to Skill Drain) and the game ended the next turn.

T2: Twitch+Written Feature Vs Burning Abyss Die Roll: Win

You guys can read about it here:

Game 1: He didn't have Lake, I went first and opened with Scout.

Game 2: I decided to activate Skill Drain before Shadow Imprisoning Mirror because if he had a Mystical Space Typhoon and he used it on Skill Drain I would flip Shadow Imprisoning Mirror and win on my next turn, and if he didn't then I just overwhelm him with big monsters. He forced me to activate Shadow Imprisoning Mirror next turn, and unfortunately for me he drew a second Fairy Wind which hit me for 4. Then when I could have come back because I drew a Shadow Imprisoning Mirror (he had Fire lake to my 3 monsters and 2 Scales) he drew his third Fairy Wind and I lost soon after he used Fairy Wind and then Fire Lake'd my field.

Game 3: He had exact game through a Maxx C which was unfortunate for me.

Game 4: I couldn't play through all his traps, and when I Pendulum Summoned two which would be game, he flipped up the only card that I was scared of, Bottomless Trap Hole, which essentially sealed the duel for him.

Good match Eckroth! ARGCS Seattle was my first time making it out of the first round of top cut at a Premier Event, and was also was my first time winning more than 50% of die rolls!

That's all for this week's article! If you'd like to see me write about a certain topic feel free to message me on Facebook. The Circuit Series stops by Chicago, IL next on November 29-30.

And As Always Play Hard or Go Home!