ARGCS Seattle Top 16: Rosty Elkun (Qliphorts) vs. Jake Ruger (Satellarknights)

Welcome to Day 2 of ARGCS Seattle! Nearly 200 duelists came into Day 1 vying for the sole prize of champion, and we have narrowed it down to the Top 16 players. In today's first round of the playoff cut, we have ARGCS veteran Rosty Elkun with Qliphorts, going up against Jake Ruger with Satellarknights. With some interesting tech choices by both players, will they give someone significant leverage in this match-up? We're about to find out! Jake rolls a 1 while Rosty rolls a 2, and Rosty will elect to go first.

Game 1


Rosty starts off with Scout in the pendulum zone, pays 800 and searches for Saqlifice. He then plays Upstart Goblin to draw another card. Rosty normal summons Carrier, equips it with Saqlifice, sets a backrow, and plays Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon in his other pendulum zone. In the end phase, he searches for Tramp.

7200 (Rosty) - 9000 (Jake)

Jake starts off his turn with Unukahai and it is met with Skill Drain. Jake sets the rest of his hand and passes.

6200 (Rosty) - 8000 (Jake)

Rosty draws and pays 800 again for Scout, searching for Disk. He activates Tramp, then pendulum summons 2 Disk. With Tramp's effect he returns Scout to hand, then plays Scout once again searching for the third copy of Disk. Rosty then normal summons Disk, and begins the onslaught of his monsters, but one Disk is met with Dimensional Prison. All of the other attacks go through. Rosty then sets a card and passes.

4600 (Rosty) - 2500 (Jake)

Jake summons another Unukahai and just passes.

Rosty activates Scout, searching for Helix. Rosty then pensulum summons Carrier, normal summons Helix and Jake scoops up his cards.

A massive swarm of Qliphorts backed up by Skill Drain proves too much for Jake, and both players now go to their side decks! Jake  decides to go  first in this next game.

Game 2

Jake starts off with double Reinforcement of the Army, searching for Vega and Deneb. He summons Vega and special summons Deneb, searching for Altair. Jake then overlays both monsters into Bujintei Tsukuyomi. He sets three cards and activates the effect, discarding Altair to draw 2 cards. Jake sets one more card and then passes.

Rosty sets four backrows, activates Scout and tries to use the effect, but it is met with Fairy Wind. Rosty flips up Summoner's Art to search for another Scout, but Jake flips up Mind Crush calling Scout. Rosty normal summons Disk then passes.

6900 (Rosty) - 7700 (Jake)

Jake draws and sets a card in his backrow, then actvates Tsukuyomi's effect. Rosty flips up Skill Drain, Jake responds with another copy of Fairy Wind, and Rosty has a Wiretap! Fairy Wind is then set back to Jake's deck. Jake then passes.

5900 (Rosty) - 7700 (Jake)

Rosty draws and sets a backrow.

Jake sets a backrow.

Rosty activates Summoner's Art searching for the third copy of Scout. Rosty plays it with the effect, Jake chains Fairy Wind, and Rosty once again has Wiretap for it! Rosty searches out for Qlimate Change. Once it gets added to the hand, Jake thinks about responding, and he lets it go. Rosty sets the newly added card and passes.

5100 (Rosty) - 7700 (Jake)

Jake sets a monster and passes.

Rosty pays for Scout to search out Disk, Upon resolution, Jake plays Mind Crush calling Disk. Disk is sent to grave and Rosty reveals Helix in hand. He normal summons Helix and attacks over Jake's XYZ monster and Unukahai.

4300 (Rosty) - 7700 (Jake)

Jake draws and plays Pot of Duality, revealing MST, Alpha and Wiretap. He takes MST. He plays Unukalhai, uses the effect and chains MST on Skill Drain. Unukahai sends Deneb to grave and Jake passes.

Rosty pays for Scout searching out Carrier. He normal summons Carrier but is met with Solemn Warning. Disk attacks over Jake's last card and Helix swings directly.

3500 (Rosty) - 2300 (Jake)

Jake draws and flips over a Dimensional Prison and says, "You got it." Rosty extends the handshake and wins the match 2-0!

Rosty's Qliphorts prove to be too much for Jake's Satellarknights, as he moves on to the Top 8 of ARGCS Seattle!