ARGCS Seattle Top 4: Anthony Eckroth (Burning Abyss) vs. Luka Soskic (Qliphorts)

4 duelists now remain in the Emerald City, and here we have two people that have had multiple features here this weekend. On one end we have Anthony Eckroth who finished in 1st place after Day 1, dropping only 1 game all weekend (which happened in his other written feature match)! His opponent is Luka Soskic, who we just featured in Top 8. The winner would go on to face Rosty Elkun in the finals, while the other will have to settle for the 3rd/4th place match against Chris Hentz. Anthony wins the dice roll and elects to go first.

Game 1


Anthony starts off by special summoning Calcab and normal summons Scarm, overlaying into Dante. He detaches Scarm to  mill Solemn Warning, Graff and Beginning of the End. Off of Graff he special summons Scarm, then special summons Cir from hand and overlays into another Dante. He ends his turn by setting a backrow. During the end phase Anthony searches Graff.

Luka mulls over his options before finally playing Scout, paying 800 to search for Carrier. He then activates Pot of Duality, revealing Raigeki, Disk and Carrier. Luka adds Raigeki after examining Anthony's graveyard. Luka drops the newly added Raigeki, destroying both Dantes. Anthony adds Cir and Scarm off of the Dantes, then special summons Graff from Cir. Luka normal summons Carrier and equips it with Saqlifice. He sets two backrows and passes. Anthony searches for Tour Guide in the end phase, then plays Karma Cut on Carrier, discarding Graff. Graff brings out Rubic, and Saqlifice lets Luka add Carrier to hand.

8000 (Anthony) - 7200 (Luka)

Anthony draws for turn, and immediately goes to main phase 1. Luka looks at his backrows and plays Vanity's Emptiness. Anthony normal summons Scarm, and attacks directly with Graff and Scarm. He sets a facedown card and passes.

8000 (Anthony) - 5400 (Luka)

Luka normal summons Helix, and then pays 800 for Scout's effect, searching for Disk. Luka flips over his facedown Saqlifice, then attacks over Graff with Helix. He passes.

6900 (Anthony) - 4600 (Luka)

Anthony normal summons Cir and plays Raigeki, destroying the Carrier and Saqlifice! Saqlifice hitting the grave destroys Vanity's Emptiness. Anthony then sychro summons Virgil and Luka concedes not wanting to see any more!

Both players play the powerful Raigeki, but it proves to be more beneficial to Anthony as he swarms for game! Luka will go first in game 2.

Game 2


Luka begins game 2 with Upstart Goblin, then plays Scout in his pendulum zone. He pays 800 to search for Carrier. Luka normal summons Carrier, sets 3 backrows then plays Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. In the end phase he searches for another Scout off of the Odd-Eyes.

9000 (Anthony) - 7200 (Luka)

Anthony reveals Cir and special summons it in defense, then normal summons Graff. He overlays into Dante, detaching Graff to mill Tour Guide, Mystical Space Typhoon and Calcab. Calcab bounces one of Luka's 3 backrow to his hand, and Anthony special summons Scarm in attack mode. Anthony's Dante attacks over Carrier and Scarm swings directly. Anthony then overlays Dante for Downerd Magician, immediately destroying Scarm. He sets two and in the end phase searches for Tour Guide.

9000 (Anthony) - 5700 (Luka)

Luka activates Scout's effect, searching his deck for Carrier, then normal summons the newly added monster. He sets 2 more backrows and passes.

9000 (Anthony) - 4900 (Luka)

Anthony normal summons a Tour Guide and it is hit with Skill Drain. Anthony chains Mystical Space Typhoon from his backrow but Luka has a second Skill Drain! Anthony sets Beginning of the End and passes.

9000 (Anthony) - 2900 (Luka)

Luka looks over both backrows before paying 800 for Scout. He searches Saqlifice. Luka then equips his Carrier with it and attacks over Anthony's Tour Guide.

7300 (Anthony) - 2100 (Luka)

Anthony draws and enters battle phase, attacking with Downerd Magician to the Carrier. Upon declaration, Luka chains Soul Drain. Downerd Magician is destroyed and Anthony gets none of his graveyard effects. In main phase 2, Anthony flips over Beginning of the End! He banishes 5 darks (2 Tour Guides, Cir Calcab and Downerd Magician) to draw 3 cards. Anthony sets another backrow and monster to end his turn.

7300 (Anthony) - 1100 (Luka)

Luka attacks with Carrier over Calcab and passes.

Anthony draws and passes.

Luka draws to 3 cards and tributes the Carrier for a facedown monster, bouncing his own set monster and adding Disk to hand off of Saqlifice. He throws down Disk in his other pendulum zone, then starts doing calculations to see if he can hit Anthony for game. Luka uses the effect of Scout, dropping himself to 300 and searching Helix. Luka pendulum summons a Helix from hand and two Carrier, to which Anthony responds with Solemn Warning! Luka has the Wiretap for it. Once it has resolved Anthony plays Bottomless Trap Hole but Luka has a second Wiretap to seal the victory!

Luka locks Anthony out with Skill Drain and Soul Drain accompanied by double Wiretap to force a game 3. Anthony will start in the deciding game.

Game 3


Anthony starts off specialing Calcab and normal summoning Graff, overlaying into Dante in defense. He detaches Graff to mill Cir, Raigeki and Beginning of the end. Cir specials Graff and Graff brings out Scarm. Anthony overlays into a second Dante, detaching Scarm to mill Rubic. He sets 3 backrows and searches Cir in the end phase. A strong start to say the least!

Luka starts off by playing Scout in the pendulum zone, paying 800 but it falls victim to Mystical Space Typhoon. Luka has a second Scout but Anthony has Fairy Wind for it! Luka normal summons Carrier and sets a backrow before ending his turn. In the end phase, Anthony plays Phoenix Wing Wind Blast on Carrier, discarding Cir. Cir specials Scarm

7700 (Anthony) - 6100 (Luka)

Anthony activates Dantes to mill Tour Guide, Calcab and Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. Calcab targets Luka's one backrow, and Luka responds with Vanity's Emptiness. Anthony activates another Dante and attacks with all 3 of his monsters. The Dantes turn to defense and Anthony passes.

7700 (Anthony) - 300 (Luka)

Luka draws and offers the handshake, having few resources and little to no life points to survive the next turn!

Anthony moves on to the finals and tries to become the only individual to finish first after swiss and win an ARGCS!