ARGCS Seattle Top 8: Jackie Bernal (Burning Abyss) vs. Luka Soskic (Qliphorts)

Only 8 players remain fighting for first place here in Seattle. In the Top 8 we have Jackie Bernal with Burning Abyss going up against Luka Soskic with Qliphorts. Jackie topped a previous ARGCS event with Burning Abyss, but this is Luka's first ARGCS top! Luka also had a written feature match yesterday in which he defeated Burning Abyss. Who will prevail? Jackie rolls snake eyes to Luka's 10. He elects to start.

Game 1


Luka begins with Summoner's Art, grabbing Scout. Scout is put in the pendulum zone, and Luka pays 800 to search his deck for Saqlifice. He activates Upstart Goblin, then plays Duality revealing Trap Stun, Vanity;s Emptiness and Bottomless Trap Hole. Luka opts for the continuous trap. He normal summons Carrier, equips it with Saqlifice, sets two backrows and passes.

9000 (Jackie) - 7200 (Luka)

Jackie starts off her first turn by revealing Calcab. The special summon goes through. She then normal summons Alich. Luka looks at his backrows, but lets the play go through. Jackie sets two cards and passes. In the end phase, Luka plays MST on a facedown, hitting Phoenix Wing Wind Blast.

Luka draws and attempts to activate Scout, which is successful! He searaches his deck for Disk. Luka enters battle phase and attempts to attack over Alich. Jackie responds with Fire Lake, targeting Scout, Carrier and the facedown Vanity's Emptiness.

Luka adds another Scout from his deck. In main phase 2 he plays Scout and searches another Saqlifice. He normal summons Helix, equips it with the newly added card, sets a backrow and passes.

9000 (Jackie) - 5600 (Luka)

Jackie reveals Calcab and normal summons Scarm. She overlays for Dante, detaching Scarm to send MST, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast and another Scarm. She attacks over Helix, then overlays Dante for Downerd Magician in main phase 2. During the end phase she searches for Tour Guide.

9000 (Jackie) - 5200 (Luka)

Luka draws to 2 cards in hand, and Jackie looks at Luka's grave. Luka, after more deep thought and calculations, plays Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon in his other zone, then searchs Saqlifice with Scout's effect. He then pendulum summons a Scout and Carrier, equips the Carrier with Saqlifice, and tributes it for Disk. Disk then special summons another Carrier and Helix from deck, Saqlifice adds a Disk, and Carrier bounces Downerd Magician. Jackie's Calcab bounces Luka's facedown to hand, and Dante adds Scarm to hand, Luke attacks with all 5 monsters for game!

Luka plays to his decks' strengths, summoning several Qliphorts to swarm his opponents field and takes game 1. Jackie elects to go first in game 2.

Game 2


Jackie starts off game 2 by setting 3 backrows and passing.

Luka begins with Upstart Goblin, followed up by a second copy. He activates Pot of Duality, revealing Carrier, Disk and Trap Stun. He opts for the lone trap card. Luka then blind MSTs, hitting Fire Lake. He plays Scout, attempts to activate the effect but is met with MST. He sets 3 backrows and passes.

10000 (Jackie) - 7200 (Luka)

Jackie sets a backrow and passes.

Luka plays Night Beam on Jackie's newest set. He then normal summons Disk and attacks for 1800.

82000 (Jackie) - 7200 (Luka)

Jackie sets a backrow and passes yet again.

Luka draws into Summoner's Art, activates it to grab Scout from his deck. He plays the card in his Pendulum zone, pays 800 to search for Saqlifice. Upon resolution, Jackie plays Karma Cut discarding Fire Lake to target the on-field Disk. Luka responds with Trap Stun, to which Jackie has a second Karma Cut, discarding another Fire Lake...but Luka has a second Trap Stun of his own! Jackie extends the handshake, having no further cards in her hand.

A series of unfortunate draws proves to be the downfall of Jackie's Burning Abyss deck, and Luka moves on to Top 4 with his Qliphorts!