ARGCS Texas Top 16 Report

SATELLARKNIGHT DENEBHello Duelists! This past weekend I attended ARGCS Texas and got my 5th premier event top in a row! This is my tournament report, and my decklist is as follows:

3 Satellarknight Deneb

3 Satellarknight Unukalhai

3 Satellarknight Altair

2 Satellarknight Vega

2 Kagetokage

3 Upstart Goblin

3 Reinforcement of the Army

1 Book of Moon

1 Snatch Steal

3 Mystical Space Typhoon

3 Stellarnova Alpha

3 Call of the Haunted

2 Oasis of Dragon Souls

2 Mirror Force

1 Bottomless Trap Hole

1 Compulsory Evacuation Device

1 Solemn Warning

2 Fiendish Chain

1 Dust Tornado

2 Mirror Force

Side Deck

3 Maxx "C"

3 Flying "C"

3 Twister

2 Fairy Wind

2 Ally of Justice Cycle Reader

2 De-Fusion

Extra Deck

1 Number 106: Giant Hand

1 Number 103: Ragnazero

1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer

1 Gagaga Cowboy

1 Bujintei Tsukuyomi

1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight

1 Heroic Champion - Excalibur

1 Dark rebellion Xyz Dragon

1 Stellarknight Delteros

2 Stellarknight Triverr

2 Stellarknight Constellar Diamond

1 King of Feral Imps

1 Abyss Dweller

The four cards that were missing in my deck list when ARG posted it online were 2 Mirror Forces, a second Trivver and an Abyss Dweller. Let's get right into it!
Round 1: Qliphort 2-0

qliphort scoutGame 1: He goes first and activates Scout, searches Monolith, Pendulum Summons 3 and normal summons Apoqliphort Towers, then uses its effect. I send a Kagetokage, and during the end phase he draws three. I normal summon Vega, use its effect to special summon Unukulhai, send Deneb, Xyz summon Evilswarm Exciton Knight, use its effect, and set three cards. I use Mystical Space Typhoon on the Scout that he uses, then he activates Towers' effect and I send Exciton. He attacks and passes. During the End Phase I use Oasis of Dragon Souls to revive Unukalhai to send Altair, use Call of the Haunted on Altair to bring back Deneb, make Heroic Champion Excalibur on my next turn and the game ends shortly after.

Game 2: I open a couple of Spell/ Trap destruction cards and Mirror Force and won since I got rid of his Scouts and all his monsters.

Round 2: Satellarknight 2-0

Game 1: I go first and open Deneb with traps, and he doesn't have much going so I put a lot of damage on board really quickly.

Game 2: He goes first and doesn't open Deneb or Unukulhai whereas I did. On his next turn he got to Deneb but on my next turn I destroyed Deneb and summoned Giant Hand to seal the game.

Round 3: Burning Abyss 2-0

Game 1: I believe he lets me go first and I mirror force his field of 2 Dantes. Next turn I summon a Trivver and then Diamond to seal it.

Game 2: I opened Flying C, resolved it, and recycled it with Trivver, then summoned Diamond and won shortly thereafter.

Round 4: Shaddoll Artifact (Backup Feature) 2-0

Game 1: He opts to go first, sets a monster and three backrow, then passes. On my turn I acknowledge the possibility that my opponent could be using Shaddolls so I normal summon Unukulhai, special summon Kagetokage in attack mode, then he uses Artifact Sanctum to summon Beagaltach which summons Artifact Scythe. I use Unukulhai to attack over his facedown monster and he flips Sinister Shadow Games sending Beast, and he triggered his beast to draw a card and flipped up Shaddoll Falco and special summoned Beast, so then Unukulhai attacked over Falco. Kagetokage then attacked into Shaddoll Beast, and I took 600 damage but prevented him from resolving Beast's effect next turn. On his next turn I Mirror Force him into the next dimension by destroying four monsters and just summon Trivver and then Diamond and win the game.

Game 2: He summons Winda and I am forced to grind with my monsters until I eventually draw into a De-Fusion and am able to send back Winda and make a Trivver into a Diamond backed up with Call of the Haunted and Alpha for game.

Round 5: Qliphort 2-0 (Livestream Feature)

I won't discuss too much since it will be posted up soon and you guys can watch it.

Game 1: I get rid of three Scouts by turn 2 or 3 and he scoops.

Game 2: I'm pretty sure that I have to play through 3 Scouts again and then he topdecks Snatch Steal on my Delteros when I have Trivver and Delteros and passes. To answer the topdecked Snatch Steal I topdeck an MST of my own (I also could have just XYZ summoned Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon or another Trivver and attacked for game but MST made it simple).

Round 6: 44 card Shaddoll (Backup Feature) 2-1

He would end up getting second at the event so congratulations to him!

Game 1: I go first and open Unukulhai with a set Oasis and Book of Moon. He summons Mathematician and sends Squamata into Hedgehog and adds Falco. Then he summons White Dragon Collapserpent, uses El Shaddoll Fusion to summon Construct to send Dragon and destroy my Oasis, special summons Black Dragon Collapserpent, then uses Enemy Controller tributing Falco to take my Unukulhai. I calculate the damage and see that it is only 7900, and I decided that I don't want him overlaying since if I get Unukalhai back in the end phase I can summon Trivver into Diamond next turn and probably win, so I use Book of Moon after he takes it, but he chains Mask Change II discarding the last card in his hand and summons Elemental Hero Koga and I lose that turn.

Game 2: He doesn't open a Fusion spell card and I win pretty quickly.

Game 3. I have Maxx C and when he doesn't summon Winda from Fusion AND doesn't OTK me I just summon Trivver and then Diamond and win quickly.

Round 7: Burning Abyss 1-2

Game 1: He goes first and ends with 2 Dante, on my turn I summon Abyss Dweller and back to up with Mirror Force for game.

Game 2: He looks at his hand, summons Tour Guide I say sure, he warns me that things are about to get bad if I don't have Flying C and I did not, true to his word he ended with Virgil, 2 Dante, Graff and Fire Lake thanks to Soul Charge.

Game 3: I think I have the game when I use Flying C, but he flips his only backrow which is Enemy Controller to get rid of it. At the end of his turn I have 4 monsters on the field, a Call of the Haunted set with an Altair in hand to his 2 Dantes, and three freshly set backrows (of which I know one is a Lake). During my Draw Phase he flips Fire Lake and destroys three of my monsters and adds 2 cards back from Dante, then flips the last Mind Crush in his deck and calls Altair, I say sure and reveal a freshly drawn Fiendish Chain, still feeling pretty confident I use Call of the Haunted on Altair and he flips his last backrow which is Twister, then I set Fiendish and pass. On his turn he draws Fairy Wind and burns my life points to 0 with it (he was going to win regardless though).

Round 8: Satellarknight Artifact (YouTube Feature) 2-1

Game 1: I go first and summon Bujintei Tsukuyomi, and end with 5 backrow, one of which is Call of the Haunted, he summons a Satellarknight monster and I am very relieved that it wasn't a Denko Sekka, and then he sets 5. End Phase I use Call of the Haunted and eventually play through all his backrow and win.

Game 2: He ends up having a field of Constellar Omega and Constellar Pleiades when I have a Mirror Force set and I cannot get rid of both monsters and my life points are reduced to 0 pretty soon.

Game 3: I look at my hand and think that I am not going to top the event. Vega, Alpha, 2 Call of the Haunted and Book of Moon I summon Vega set four and pass. Luckily he also decided to take a trip down to Brick City and just set 5 backrow and passed. On my next turn I draw what most people saw as a Deneb but to me it looked like a one way ticket out of Brick City. So I summon it and add Altair, at attack declaration he uses Ignition on his set Beagaltach and sets a Moral, when Beagaltach tries to destroy Moraltach I use Alpha, he uses Call of the Haunted bringing back Beagaltach and uses effect (Had I or the judge or one of the 20 watchers been paying attention we would have realized that Beagaltach is once per turn and he couldn't use the effect again but alas none of us noticed) and he destroyed Moraltach with Beagaltach and destroyed my Deneb, I use Oasis of Dragon Souls on Vega to try to summon the Altair in my hand and make Trivver but he uses Mystical Space Typhoon, then I use Call of the Haunted but he uses Solemn Warning, so at this point he has no backrow, 2 Artifacts, a card in hand to my Altair in hand and set Book of Moon. On his turn he plays around Mirror Force and I think that the mystery card in his hand is another Artifact so I decided not to use Book of Moon, then in Main Phase 2 he summons Pleiades and chooses not to bounce back his Call of the Haunted then passes. I draw Kagetokage, so I summon Altair, chain Kagetokage use Deneb to add another Altair then summon Delteros and target Pleiades which he chains to bounce back my Delteros. On his turn he draws Unukulhai and attacks and I use Book of Moon because we are nearing time and I know that he drew Unukulhai for turn so doesn't have a trap. I summon Altair special summon Deneb and add my last Altair, attack over his facedown Unukulhai and summon Giant Hand in Main Phase 2. On his turn he uses Raigeki, and then activates the ROTA that he drew, summons Altair to special Deneb and then adds Altair luckily doesn't overlay into anything. On my turn I either draw ROTA or Unukulhai which is just as good as a trap because I use Altair to reborn Vega and summon Unukulhai, Unukulhai runs over his Altair and Altair runs over Deneb. In Main Phase 2 I summon Trivver to bounce back both of our Call of the Haunteds which puts him at 2 cards in hand. I discard his Altair with Trivvers effect. On his turn he sets 2 and passes, and during the End Phase I bring back Altair and Deneb and search. During the Draw Phase he flips Sanctum and special summons Scythe and during the End Phase uses Call of the Haunted on Moral to destroys my Trivver. I use his effect to special summon. On his turn he attacks over two of my monsters, then in Main Phase 2 summons Volcasaurus and I instantly Bottomless Trap Hole since we are near time which leaves him at no monsters and I reduce his life points to 0 within the next 2 turns.

Round 9: Tie

Top 16: Qliphort 1-2

Decklists are public knowledge and I see that he is only maindecking one Storm which makes me very happy since I probably won't have to worry about losing to it. He wins the die roll and goes first and ends with a Scout, and monster equipped with Saqlifice and possibly a backrow. On my turn I summon Deneb set 3 and pass. He uses Scout and I use Mystical Space Typhoon then he uses Mystical Space Typhoon on my Alpha that I chain and he activates another Scout, on my turn I end up with a Delteros which destroyed his Scout with a Compulsory Evacuation Device set and an Oasis of Dragon Souls. On his turn he sets 1 and then uses Storm, and I know I can live through the turn because I chain Compulsory Evacuation Device on his Carrier, then he reveals to me the Snatch Steal that he drew for turn. And we go to game 2.

Game 2: I have enough Spell/ Trap destruction to get rid of both of his Scouts then he uses Storm to hit my other 2 backrows destroying his Saqlifice and an irrelevant card but next turn I just used Delteros to destroy his last Scout and he can't really come back.

Game 3: He has an early Vanity's Fiend and I eventually draw Snatch to take it, and I have an Alpha with an Altair on my field, but he has a Scout that he keeps netting him advantage (his 3rd and final Scout). He draws Mystical Space Typhoon for turn and uses it on my facedown Alpha so I chain it, then he uses Raigeki and tells me he can OTK me after he Pendulum Summoned 3 one of which was a Helix I say okay and activate Oasis of Dragon Souls he says "Disk effect" I say sure, then as he is summoning from deck he says "Oh, I'll trigger Helix too". I don't allow it and the judge that was watching confirms that he definitely didn't trigger Helix. So I am at 700 life points with an Altair and a Mirror Force in hand, I draw Mystical Space Typhoon for turn, and am so shocked that I lived that I completely forgot how to count (I blanked on the 2 monsters summoned off Disk destroying themselves). So I summoned Altair and searched with Deneb... Then I summon Exciton and he informs me that were equal on cards, I recount about 20 times until it hits me that he's right, so I Mystical Space Typhoon his Scout knowing that he has 1 Mystical Space Typhoon in his deck left and no more 9 Scale monsters so if my Mirror Force resolves I win, he draws for turn and slams down his 1 Storm for the 3rd time this match destroying his Scale and my Mirror Force and attacks me for game.

Storm proves to be a very powerful card, but nonetheless I had a great time and really enjoyed ARGCS Texas! (The barbecue was great!) Special thanks goes out to Dio Ayala for letting me borrow the deck, and Robert “Mathematician” Mushkatblat for finding finding the tech of the event in his deck box, Kagetokage! This top brings me one step closer in obtaining my invitation to the ARG World Championship. That's all for this week's article! If you'd like to see me write about a certain topic feel free to message me on Facebook. The Circuit Series stops by Fort Lauderdale, FL next on March 7-8! I hope to see you all there!

And As Always Play Hard or Go Home!