Potential Abounds!

There are a lot of decks out there that are ‘almost’ viable for competitive play. These are tier two and tier three decks that need that little shove to make a big impact on the metagame. We saw this with X-Sabers after The Shining Darkness, and more recently, Wind-Ups. Both archetypes were decent after they released, but became very potent after getting the right amount of broken support (in the form of TCG-exclusives, of course). Players are always looking for that ‘next’ big deck, or even a card that will suddenly become very popular. Maxx “C” is a good example Read more

One question that I’m sure everyone has been asked before by casuals, non-players, or new players, is “what is the best card in the game?” I have always considered that to be a bit of a trivial and unimportant question, one that really strays from the ideal of Yugioh. This is a game about strategy, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. An individual card, even a playset, does not make a deck. Still, as this format drags on, I can’t help but feel that one card has dominated the metagame in a way that few Read more

With the release of Extreme Victory the Yugioh 5Ds season has come to an end. This series that began so long ago in 2008 with The Duelist Genesis put our game through a dramatic and exciting period of evolution, and has forever changed the way we play this game. Synchro monsters introduced not only a new game mechanic, but a totally new view of gameplay, theory, and deck diversity. In addition, the many Synchro and Tuner monsters and support cards have left us with a new pool of cards and strategies to build with. Synchro-based builds have defined the metagame Read more