“...The dude had game in the palm of his hands: how the HECK did he lose!?!” Whenever I watch some of the greatest players in Yu-Gi-Oh! duel, their games always seem so weird and strangely situational. Like if those great players didn’t have that one single, powerful card in their hand or if their opponents had played any different at all, then they would’ve lost easily. ...Slowly but surely however I began to realize a startling revelation: their opponents never had a chance to begin with.... Read more

Do you ever feel like you’ve had to force your deck building to your wallet size? Did you ever wish that if you had a copy or two of “that one special card”, you’d be winning more games than you do now? Or maybe you just need more cards to make multiple decks with? If any or all of these are the case, then boy are you in luck! Let me show you how you can make this possible. Read more

Playing the Game

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As a duelist it’s very important to understand why certain things work like they do, and not just regurgitate information that others have told them. Many a time, I have seen average duelists that read-up on the deck they want to make, practice common scenarios, and do successful against predicted match-ups. But when they are paired up against a lower tier deck or run into a scenario that wasn’t accounted for, they freeze-up, misplay (either by continuing to play by-the-book or using poor logic), and attribute their loss to “luck”. Why is this? Because before they are playing their tier 1 vs. tier 3 match-up, they forget they are playing Yu-Gi-Oh. Read more