Defining the Meta, can it be done?

Hello once again fellow Vanguardians! This is my second article for ARG’s wonderful contest. If you don’t already know me, my name is Adam Jackson, a member of TeamNoGuard. Along with that, I’ve Top 8’ed at the Stand Up Cup! Hosted in April by Untouchables, and also judged the Toronto Regionals. Last time I wrote about the controversial topic: Dauntless DOTE. This time, I’m defining something a lot of people claim is not definable by any means necessary. If the title didn’t give it away, I’m going to define the meta game… or at least attempt to. Because Vanguard is Read more

Hello fellow Vanguardians! My name is Adam Jackson, a.k.a. Agent of TeamNoGuard, and I am from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I’ve played Cardfight!! Vanguard since it’s english debut in North America. Since then, I’ve competed in 2 regionals, and judged one; getting Top 8 in the Toronto Stand Up Cup! hosted in April. When the game started, I bought my first Kagero trial deck, sticking with the clan ever since, going from Goku, to Overlord Beatdown, to Lawkeeper, and finally to DOTE. Throughout the history of Vanguard after it’s release in set 5, DOTE, (Dragonic Overlord The End) has been a Read more