A New Format-Recap and Opinions From Adam Corn

Hey readers, my article today is going to be my thoughts on the new September 2011 banlist that has just taken effect a few days ago in the YGO TCG. Plants dominated most tournaments in the previous format but have lost a large amount of support , not to mention the new ruling on Exceed monsters. Even with these changes they are still a highly playable deck and will continue to see play in tournaments across the world along with Agent’s, Gravekeeper’s, Glad Beasts, Gadgets, Heros , Lightsworn and other rouge decks from last format. Newly Banned- Royal Oppression- This Read more

Hey everyone, it feels good to be back on the Yu-Gi-Oh circuit. I took a break due to personal matters but after 2011 U.S. Nationals I’m definitely hungry for another win in the near future. I will be attending Gen Con Indianapolis next weekend and am extremely excited.  I’ll be flying into Ohio first and driving to Indy from there with the people from Alter Reality and friends. I’ve been playtesting a lot lately and feel very confident in the current metagame. But playtesting can only get you so far. In high level events you will constantly be thrown in Read more

Heading into 2011 Yu-gi-oh nationals this year, I was extremely excited, but very skeptical at the same time for multiple different reasons. I had been testing plant variants for over a month before the tournament and became very comfortable with my final build . On the down side, I knew that a lot of people were going to be playing plants and was also very concerned about how popular gravekeeper’s were going to be at this event. With the majority of the playing field running plants I felt as though a lot of people would fall back to gravekeepers and Read more