The Fix-up: Deck Doctor

Hey its Akshar Patel, I was working on another article for ARG on another key yugioh concept when I stumbled upon this challenge to doctor a deck , so I thought id give it a shot. I will start by clarifying the format of how I will write this, I will  first go through the changes in the monster/spell/trap/extra that I made then give the reasons for these choices  and post a link that you can use to watch a few of the matches I played with that deck. With that in mind lets get straight into it and fix Read more

Hey Arg Readers, since this is my very first article for ARG I will go ahead and introduce myself. You have probably never heard of me before mainly because I am from the UK and play European TCG. I have been playing for a year and  half altogether and have topped multiple WCQ regional and my first nationals. I can’t acclaim to have topped a YCS yet, but I have only played 2 and one of which was Sheffield which was sealed and I hope to top Barcelona. Lets move swiftly on to the topic I wish to discuss today Read more