Top 4 Feature Kevin Silva Vs Darelle Louis

Things start winding to a close as the semifinalist take to the stage! Kevin Silva both have proved their ability by rising through the ranks of swiss and top cut. Both have been featured and have provided phenomenal demonstrations of their ability, but only one can go forward to duel in the finals. Darelle wins the die roll 10 to 5 and chooses to go first. Game 1 Darelle draws to 6 cards, he activates Upstart Goblin, then sets one monster and 3 spell/traps Kevin opening hand consist of two copies of Dragon Ravine, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, Card Trooper, Read more

Top 16 Feature Match Skyler Hopkins. Vs. Dalton Bousman The top cut of ARGs Circuit stop in St. Louis promises to pit the most skilled players against one another. This Top 16 match is a demonstration of that claim. We have Dalton Boussman, a player who topped Nationals last year, and has tops including one from YCS Indy in 2011. His opponent is Dalton Cousman, an upcoming player who asserts that while this may be the first event he has topped, it will not be the last. Game 1 Dalton wins the Die roll and chooses to go first. Dalton Read more

Round 8 Feature Match Nathan Ura Vs. Austin Melder The final feature match for day one comes between Nathan Ura, and Austin Melder, both combat hardened and equipped with their own take of the infamous dragon ruler deck. Which player’s spin on the deck and play-style will endure through the final round? Nathan wins the die roll and chooses to go first. Game 1 Nathan opens Redox Dragon Ruler of Boulders, Three copies of Tempests Dragon Ruler of Storms, Sacred Sword of Seven Star and Debris Dragon. He activates Tempest effect pitches another Tempest for the cost, adds Blaster Dragon Read more

Round 7 Feature Match. Jeff Pircher vs. Brandon Wigley For Round 7 we have Brandon Wigley, an old power player with multiple event tops playing none other than Dragunity Rulers VS. Jeff Pircher, a prominent Prophecy player in the area with multiple regional tops in the Midwest with the Deck. Game 1 Jeff wins the die roll and the players prepare their decks for a classic duel of wizards vs. dragons. Jeff Spellbook of Fate, Spellbook Life, Spellbook of Wisdom, World of Prophecy and Rageki Break. He sets Rageki Break and passes his turn Brandon starts by activating Sacred Sword Read more

For round four we have a return from Zachary Leverett, a player who has built a deck dedicated to giving him the most access to dragon rulers possible. His opponent Adam Optmy, is a Contellar player who decided to start main decking Mistake after he had been playtesting with a friend and had coe to realizethat Thunder King’s effect which resembles Mistake’s own was able to cripple Dragon Rulers. Will it be enough? Zachary wins the die roll and after shuffling decks the match begins. Game 1 Zachary comes roaring out of the gate, banishing Tidal Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls Read more

Round 1 Feature Vishon Bhatia VS. Zachry Leverett Alter Reality Games St. Louis Event begins today looking at two Dragon Ruler players who are both using their own take of the deck with the Blue Eyes engine to provide access to as any dragon rulers as possible! Who will come out on top? Game 1 Vishon wins the die roll and after a pause to shuffle the match accelerate to a start. Drawing to 6 cards In his hand he hold: Redox Dragon Ruler of Boulders, Cards of Consonance, Torrential Tribute Tidal Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls, Mythic Water Dragon, and Read more