It's All About The Deck Selection Baby!

Hello Duelist Kingdom! Okay, so I’ve been working on this…. idea. This system. This…. new secret method that’s going to save troubled duelists forever! You want to know? Yeah? I mean I guess I could share it with everyone… Oh! How could I forget?! First I wanted to thank everybody who read my last article, and shared their opinions on it. I wrote that article knowing what I was getting myself into. “Anthony! How could you even put Black Luster Soldier on there? It’s so obvious!” And then there were some, “I’m not so sure Black Luster Soldier goes in Read more

Have you ever seen a card float around in the meta and wonder why it’s there? Have you ever questioned why a card isn’t in the meta at all? I do it all the time, and today, in my first article ever, I’ll be discussing some cards that I think have caught too much attention, or maybe havn’t caught enough attention at all. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Anthony Pascariello. I topped nationals in 2011, and then YCS’s Atlanta, Long Beach, and Chicago in 2012. I’ve been playing the game since Blue-Eyes White Dragon Read more