Tachikaze: An In-Depth Clan Review

Out of the numerous clans that inhabit Cardfight!! Vanguard, you’re bound to pick out one that you like the most. It could be that you just really like their artwork, their style of play, or maybe you just tend to win an unnatural amount of games with them. Everyone has their own reasons and, likewise, everyone has their own favorite clan. There is no single “best clan” in the game, which means that no matter what clan you favor, it will always have a fighting chance. My personal favorite is Tachikaze. No matter what game I play, I tend to Read more

In Cardfight Vanguard, clans are the main way different decks are separated. If you’re a native Yu-Gi-Oh player, they are akin to archetypes. Basically, they’re a set of cards designed to work together using a common strategy, ability, or style of play. Generally, they all have different styles of artwork that focus on a central idea or theme, such as mermaids, or dragons. As with any other card game, players tend to develop a playstyle that works for them that they try to stick to. For example, someone could be a “control” player, where they enjoy playing decks that limit Read more