I was never alone. My community was my strength.

Two years ago, I was a mediocre Yugioh player forever to be walking in my brother’s shadow. I am not sure why I played because I felt no enjoyment out of it. Then some old friends of mine said that they were rebooting Duel Masters into a game called Kaijudo. I never played Duel Masters when it was around but I figured I would give Kaijudo a shot. The first time I played it was so much fun I never wanted to stop. Very few card games have I played where I can lose and still have a good time. Read more

We are now a month into this KMC season. The meta seems to be changing a little bit every week, but will it stabilize soon? I sure hope not, I like it when there are a drastic amount of different decks that can do well in a tournament. There will always be cards that are just good in every deck, but if you can use them in different deck types and use them with different strategies, then that can make the game more enjoyable to play. An example of this is the Light civilization, it is used in practically every Read more

I am back again with another “Brake-down” of the 3rd week for the KMC’s. I look at each of the decks from this weekend and show the percentage that made the top cut at each event and overall. Last weekend we saw Tempo take the back seat while control reigned supreme. A new deck won a KMC called 5-civ “Fresh Ave” deck. It is a control deck that is 42 cards and consists of all creatures. This was made famous by Ryan Valentino at the New Holland KMC. Did this deck cause a trend that will be seen for the Read more

The second week for KMC’s just happened and boy was there innovation this time. It can be scary for players to venture out of the norm and try out new cards or strategies that people may not normally use. This weekend the duelists who did that were greatly rewarded and performed very well in the KMC’s. From a 5-civ all creature Borran deck to a LN Boulderfist deck, we saw it all. Last week LWN Tempo was on top, let’s find out what topped these 4 KMC’s. You can find all these deck lists on KaijudoChannel.com New Holland, PA 7/19 Read more

I am going to start a series of articles where I go through each of the KMC’s on a weekly basis and talk about the decks that made top 8. I will also look at the percentage of each deck type for all the KMC’s. This will hopefully help people get a better understanding of what is being played and what decks are performing well. You can find all the deck lists at KajudoChannel.com The first weekend of this season was on July 5th. There were 3 KMC’s that weekend, one in Texas, Wisconsin, and California. Let’s start with the Read more

The Kaijudo Summer Championship was a couple weeks ago and I did a tournament report, but never really talked about the deck I used in the Standard part of the tournament. I would like to go more in depth in this article about the deck and why I decided to go with certain card choices. Let’s first talk about what I expected to play against. There are a lot of really good aggressive cards in Quest for the Gauntlet so I knew there was going to be a good amount of decks that like to attack a lot. Just off Read more

Drafting at the 2014 Kaijudo Summer Championship was a new experience for many players, including myself. I have never drafted at a competitive level before, I have only done casual drafts at my local store. There are very strict rules you have to follow while drafting at a competitive event. The main one is being restricted by a time limit you have to pick each card. You start off with having 45 seconds to make your first pick and then 40 seconds for the second pick and time decreases after each pick, eventually down to 5 seconds for the last Read more

I had such a blast at the 2014 Summer Championship this past weekend. There was so much going on, it was hard to do everything I wanted to do. There were panels, R&D workshop, Side events, Gunslinging, Artists signings, and so much more. Just being there was the real victory. This article is mainly going to be about the actual tournament and how I ended up doing. This was the first tournament where they had draft and standard mixed together. The first 3 rounds were draft and then the next 6 rounds were standard constructed. Drafting             They had all Read more

The 2014 Kaijudo Summer Championship is this weekend! Championships are the highest tournament level in Kaijudo organized play and there are only two every year. Duelists are going to have to make every move count because you do not get that many chances to win an event like this. Quest for the Gauntlet came out less than 2 weeks ago, which is a short amount of time to find the right deck to use for the tournament, but that what can make it just as exciting as it does stressful. The first 3 rounds of the tournament will also be Read more

There is so much more to a Kaijudo card than its power and ability. The thought put into every card from designing what it does, artwork, and flavor text is unbelievable. Every card is like a piece of art that is meant to be appreciated. That is something many people just pass over because all they want to do is play the game, but you will enjoy Kaijudo more if you take the time to look at all the cards and appreciate the work that went into making them. I am a huge player and collector because these are some Read more