Working up to a Regional

I live and play in the Mid-West. The Indianapolis Regional Tournament is on the 17th of December; tomorrow as I write this, perhaps a day or two ago as you read this. Like many of you I set aside some time to get ready. What have I personally done to get into fighting shape for the Regional? I’ll answer that in this article. I enjoyed Frazier Smith’s recent piece “Personal YCS Rituals” and while I am no Frazier Smith perhaps my own little pre-event planning will help some of you get ready for any upcoming regional events you might have. Read more

Going Rogue

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Konami publishes a breakdown of the top decks after every major event. This list is full of the acknowledged tier one decks. Every competitive duelist knows the top decks and has side deck options available to combat them. Many serious competitors run only tier one decks at events. Despite the tendency of players to gravitate towards acknowledged tier one decks almost every big tournament sees a few rogue decks near the top. I remember how surprised everyone was when Paul Cooper took his Empty Jar deck to the top tables at YCS Charlotte. I’m sure any duelist who faced Paul’s Read more

My local Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament can be rowdy. More often than not a match will be conducted with some gamesmanship. Gamesmanship is the use of dubious, but not illegal, methods to win a game; think trash talking, polite heckling, spectator commentary, rule sharking, and so on. In my local there usually isn’t a judge. When a card ruling arises the whole room debates and a quick consensus is reached. Even though this has the feel of a Wild West poker room there are good players present. One player is a Top 1000 rated Konami player. Another player from my local made Read more