The Best Deck Ever!!!

Let’s just get into it, Geartown Malefic Skill Drain, The Best Deck Ever!!! Seriously this deck is just beast mode against any other Meta deck. In my opinion it’s the most under rated deck that has been winning. Recently it took a Nationals 7th place finish by Justin Womack and 2 YCS Indy tops by Conrad Selig getting 5th place and Luis Zambrano getting top 8. For some reason nobody is paying attention to the deck, with the exception of a few people. Oh man, this deck has so many good match ups. The fact that the deck plays Skill Read more

What has the game of Yu-Gi-Oh! needed for players to succeed? Simple, in the words of 2010 World Champion Galileo de Obaldia, “consistency and versatility is key to win” The extra edge a player gains from knowing the game is knowing what other players are playing and what they are potentially going to side. At this point in the format risk and intelligence gets highly rewarded, for example maining cards like Chain Disappearance and Gozen Match in decks becomes a great asset in this format. Think about it most of the popular decks carry monsters that have 1000 or less Read more

In competitive play now more than ever at locals, regionals, and ycs’ the damage step has become the difference between a decent player and a good player. In this dice-roll format matches can go either way, but the more experienced and knowledgeable player usually can pull away with the win. The game can turn around in the damage step. There are a handful of cards that are game changers, monsters effects that activate in the hand boosting attack power with Honest, Blackwing – Kalut the Moon Shadow, and the special summoning/effect of Gorz the Emissary of Darkness. In addition monster Read more