Finding the Balance Between Creativity and Competitive

This is my third article for ARG and I have yet to introduce myself. My name is Christopher ‘T-Rex’ Moore and by now I am sure most of you have drawn your own conclusions and have decided if you guys like what I have to say or not, but I digress. I have been playing this game since I was in middle school, and have earned more than a couple of invites. Each time I earned my invite, I was playing some sort of monarch variant. The first was in the old days of Perfect Circle Monarchs, but I didn’t Read more

Yugioh events can range from small to extremely large, and every event offers a different experience. While big events like YCS or nationals offer more prestige I believe the local level is far more important. I have witnessed several stores come and go; some of these stores I don’t miss, or even think about, but there was one I was extremely sad to see go. Within your local community you interact with the people on a deeper and more personal level than you would with a person at a larger event. This interaction allows you to gain general experience in Read more

The game of Yu-Gi-Oh is amazing; it can bring people from all walks of life together in one place and create an enjoyable environment. The game itself is complex and constantly evolving to keep us challenged, but no one would be playing this game without the support of a strong community. This is why places like Alter Reality Games, which let the “pros” of Yu-Gi-Oh reach out and help the community grow, are amazing. I recently lost my local, so believe me when I tell you to value your local community. I have witnessed the Yu-Gi-Oh community at both its Read more