Princess of the Mermaids, Lena

      Hello Cardfighters, my name is Christopher Keller from New York and I have been playing Cardfight Vanguard for over a year now. I discovered the game after I saw a friend of mine looking at his cards in class and he taught me how to play, I’ve been hooked since then. I’ve since formed a team with him, my girlfriend and another ¬†friend, to make Team Royal Flush. Each of us has a nickname, mine is Mermaid Boy. Why is it Mermaid Boy, because of my fondness for the Bermuda Triangle clan. While all my friends wanted Read more

    Hello Cardfighters, Chris here once again, after my previous post about my first Bermuda Triangle build, I decided that I have to talk about something ¬†rather important. Cardfight Vanguard has been steadily gaining popularity in the TCG world and is considered to be the underdog that’s on the rise. It’s showing that it can compete with the more well known TCGs, Magic the Gathering, YuGiOh and the Pokemon TCG (though this one is not as popular as the first two). Here i will discuss my opinions on various matters that contribute to the status of the game. TCGs Read more