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I wanted to start out by thanking the Alter Reality Games staff for not only providing the public with the opportunity to get our ideas out, but also for bringing it about in a challenging, effective, and fair way.  I am Cody Johnson, or GreatFailsMontana on YouTube, and I have actually written a number of different articles on here before. So hopefully, some of you remember or know me already, but if you don’t then it is nice to meet you! There already has been great input on both of these deck designs, so I will only try to contribute Read more

Hello all.  I’m Cody Johnson or GreatFailsMontana on YouTube, and I wrote this article to explain some of the relevant intricacies of card design. Card Design that helps explain what kinds of things the ARG team was considering when designing their Forbidden/Limited lists.  And those same kinds of things aren’t really said out in a clear way, so there have been so many people that are confused about the Theory-Oh that goes behind the concept.  What I’m talking about is specifically, Power Card Design.  And I think in order to understand the ARG team and their banned lists, you really Read more

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Yu-Gi-Oh! And Music?

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To start off I just wanted to say it is an honor to be able to be even allowed to post an article on this website for this contest.  With all of the great players posting as well, I will try my best to provide some insight with you all.  Because Konami does not pay its players, even the greatest players cannot only survive on Yu-Gi-Oh!  So we are forced to put ourselves in the real world!!  We must know about something else at a very high level, so we can function viably in the real world.  In my case, Read more