Yugioh Championship Series Review- Toronto

First, I would like to congratulate Alter Reality Games’ own Billy Brake for FINALLY becoming a champion after years of trying. His victory was unquestionably deserved. With the amount of hard work accompanied with the time and dedication he put forth towards this game, his largest accomplishment was almost inevitable. The best way to access a tournament is not only looking at what decks won, but also to statistically analyze the various deck types that topped. Answering the following question will be a good first step; what has changed from last format? How many different deck types made the final cut? How Read more

Hello Duelist, Dale Bellido here reporting from Alter-Reality Games. Firstly I would like to thank Jim for the opportunity to continue writing and expressing my thoughts while it gets exposure on a premier site. If you guys don’t know who I am, like I said my name is Dale Bellido and I’ve been playing this game and been extremely successfully even before ban list were introduced. I have 15+ tops across  the shonen jump/ycs/nationals circuit combined and over 50 regional tops so I would like to consider my self much more then a seasoned veteran.  Enough with my self so Read more