ARGCS Championship Top 8 Report

I figured a good way to start this off would be an explanation of what happened at nationals. It is all really simple and I understand the precautions that had to be taken. I entered the tournament, and played the first three rounds, with sixteen cards in my extra deck. I was registering very last minute, and Ned Salkavitch had just given me a Giant Hand to use for the event. I scratched off one of my extra deck cards, and replaced it with Giant Hand, but had completely forgotten to take the card out of my extra deck. I Read more

As a follow up to the previous article, I figured it would be nice to give some insight on how I decided to construct my deck this weekend. I assume at first glance people do not immediately know which cards are better to put in and take out for certain match ups. This will hopefully help anyone out who is planning on attending the YCS this weekend, and playing a similar deck list that I played this past weekend with  ideas for the next event, how to side, and maybe a few things to keep in mind while playing. [ccProd]Mind Read more

Leading up to ARGCS Las Vegas I had a month to decide what to play. As I spoke about in previous articles, I tested several decks, and none of them turned out to be the right choice. I decided to stick with Fire Fists for at least one more event. My flight was supposed to be at 7pm on Thursday and due to traffic I ended up missing my flight, and having to take the next one. It ended up working out because two of the judges that I am pretty good friends with were also on this flight. When Read more

A paradox is a statement that apparently contradicts itself and yet still might be true. When attempting to apply this to Yu-Gi-Oh, I have found myself to come to the following definition: When certain cards or a combination of cards exists, you are put in situations where you are unable to effectively play around another card, or combination of cards. You additionally want to play cards that are good when paired against a certain deck, but are not as good when playing against another.   The most obvious thing that has come to my attention this format has been the Read more

In the weeks between events I typically get on the popular online simulator Dueling Network and look through a list of old decks I have made. I personally have hundreds of decks that span across multiple formats, and usually are made to counter the meta from that time period. Luckily, the format we are currently in is quite similar to the March 2013 format before Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy unleashed the game warping Dragon Rulers upon us. When looking through my list of decks I found a few that stood out to me: Frog Monarch, Gadgets, and Agents. All Read more

One of the most important things heading into an event is to be prepared to beat the best deck.  The best deck can be defined as the deck that has the “highest overall win percentage vs the expected field”, has auto wins, and is consistent. Decks that fit this description often become quite popular because most competitive players try to give themselves the best chance to win. This means that at any given tournament you will likely be paired up against this deck enough times to where the outcome of those matches greatly impacts your likelihood to top. It is Read more

Consistency is a word I hear used a lot when referring to various things about Yu-Gi-Oh. This single word alone describes one of the huge reasons why I chose to run a unique version fire fist at ARG Circuit Series Nashville and Charlotte. I generally want to draw a combination of cards that is similar to every other combination of cards that I could potentially draw. This is something I feel is very important when deciding what deck to play. I usually start by taking out cards that I deem unnecessary. When building fire, I immediately came to the conclusion Read more