Breaking skills down to the basic level

Do you know that feeling, one that is a mix of excitement and fear, when you see the early reveals of new cards from Set X: Low Quality Phone Pictures & Over-Exaggerated Reactions in that monthly issue of Kero Kero Ace that comes around near the end of every month. Well, quite a bit of it’s unwarranted (and other bits aren’t warranted enough!) because what people see with their naked eyes is a quite a bit of lengthy and often confusing skill text. A perfect example of this would be “Exculpate The Blaster”. It had a lengthy and definitly powerful Read more

Nubatama is, or well to put it more aptly, was a clan that focused on forcing your Opponent to discard cards from their hand when their attacks hit successfully. They had an initial print of four unique Units in Booster Set 1: Descent of the King of Knights with the archetype name of “Stealth X” X being a creature type such as “Beast” or “Dragon” (their individual names were “Hagakure”, “Dreadmaster”, “Chigasumi” and “Voidmaster”). However there have been no more cards printed with the “Nubatama” clan since. It is speculated that they were discontinued, most likely due to their skills Read more

Card advantage is an important but often misunderstood subject in any card game. Cardfight!! Vanguard is no exception. The basic concept of card advantage is the more cards a player has, the better off that player is during that game. However there are a multitude of other aspects to card advantage that are often overlooked for the aforementioned basic concept. An undoubtedly important aspect is card quality advantage. Card Quality doesn’t look at the amount of cards you have but instead takes a look at the level of usefulness those cards have. It’s great and wonderful to have a large Read more