A Really Lost Sanctuary

The new YuGiOh structure deck Lost Sancturay is obviously the newest deck in YuGiOh. It contained some of the rarest Light and Fairy monsters including Honest, Marshmallon, Splendid Venus ,and of course the awesome trap card Solemn Judgement. The Agents are the main cards of the deck and there leader Master Hyperion. Not many people know that the Agents first appeared in the set Ancient Sanctuary and then appeared in the Dark Revelation sets. The set included most of the Agents like Venus, Saturn, Mercury, and Mars. The cards were not very important until the Lost Sanctuary came out. The Read more

The victory seemed unthinkable but the story is true. It was my third Yugioh tournament and I was using Ancient Gears, which won me the first round. My next opponent was undefeated so far and used a deadly dragon deck. When the duel started he didn’t hesitate. He played his Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and ended his turn. The duel went on and I was already on the edge. He had summoned his Blue Eyes Ultimate only to have it removed from play for another Darkness Metal Dragon. I held on for a few more rounds and managed to Read more