The Ultimate Clash: Gem Knights vs Elemental HEROES

Hello fellow Yugioh players and fans this is Eric Gray bringing you my third article for the Alter Reality Games contest about two archetypes who are very similar .With the release of Hidden Arsenal 5, Gem-Knights have received more support in the form of new Gem-Knight normal and fusion monsters, Gem-Knight floaters, their own unique version of Blackwing-Kalut The Moon Shadow as well as the signature card Gem-Knight Fusion. If you notice the Gem-Knight as a whole, they are similar to the Elemental HERO archetype but differ in key ways. In today’s article, I will be talking about a couple of similarities and differences that Gem-Knights and Read more

The X-Factor

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Hello again Yugioh players and fans this is Eric Gray giving you all another article for the Alter Reality Games contest. The topic for this article is something more perspective-based  called the X-factor. The X-factor is basically a key characteristic(s) that separate you from your opponent such as deck choice, the plays that were made by you and your opponent and the reasons behind them, and how you and your opponent handle certain situations.  However in this article I will be talking about 3 other X-factors which are deck choice, tech choice(s), and experience. Deck Choice To start off, deck choice is one Read more

Before I begin this article I would like to take this time to thank Alter Reality Games for this opportunity and honor to write and article for fellow players and fans of yugioh. My name is Eric Gray and I got back into the game September of last year. I am not a known player since I do not compete in  big events but I better known as ewade on Dueling Network and I test on there on a consistent basis. Now to the main point I have a  important message for all players: Maxx “C” is not the only method which can stop special summoning. There are other cards that I  have seen in the game Read more