Break Time! A Mechanic that Breaks Riding

As Cardfight!! Vanguard enters its third generation, it is important to look over and evaluate the latest addition to the game: Break Rides. They’re arguably the most important piece of the current Japanese metagame, and we’re already getting several of them already. So to put it simply, what are Break Rides, and how do they affect the game?

When it comes to deck building in Vanguard, people usually tend to avoid mixing in units from different clans. This is because a lot of units in the game can only really work within their own clans. There comes a time however when a certain card is released and it shows synergies in completely different clans. One of those cards I’d like to discuss today is Demonic Dragon Mage, Mahoraga. Mahoraga is a 5,000 power grade 1 Kagero that gains an additional +5,000 power when you retire an opponent’s rear guard, until the end phase, making it essentially the successor Read more

Hello, and welcome to my first article for ARG’s Cardfight Vanguard article contest. In this article I want to go over one of my favorite clans in the game, Pale Moon. The clan debuted in BT03 and focuses on utlizing your soul to work with your rear guards to either apply pressure or pure offensive power. It’s one of my clans mainly because it can do so much with the soul, which is one of Vanguard’s most unique mechanics in my opinion. This article, albeit a long read, will cover all of the cards that I feel are relevant when Read more

Remember Wingal? That old grade 1 from the original trial deck that had no use other than to support Blaster Blade? Well, he’s back. Wingal Brave is a new addition to the already established Royal Paladin clan. Introduced in BT05 along with Majesty Lord Blaster, this card helped create one of the most successful decks in the Japanese metagame, as well as one of the first decks to be punctured by the Japanese restriction list. But how exactly did this card become so important? And more importantly, what can other decks do about it? First, let’s take a look at the Read more

As many Cardfight players already know, the release of Booster Set 5: Awakening ot Twin Blades was last weekend. The set introduces the game to crossrides and boosts the already dominant Royal Paladin and Kagero, along with other decks such as Shadow Paladin, Dimensional Police, and Oracle Think Tank. The set also marks the debut of Neo Nectar and Murakumo. Most people familiar with the game already witnessed the release of this set in Japan and noticed how the metagame shifted due to the introduction of “crossrides” and Majesty Lord Blaster. But how exactly did the metagame shift? We can Read more