9/1 Is Coming...

Hey everybody! The past few formats I’ve put out my thoughts on the upcoming list with a ton of feedback from you guys, so I saw no reason to quit doing so now! As for my general disclaimer: “This is not a ‘what I want’ list. This is not a ‘what will perfectly balance the format’ list. This list is derived based off expectations of the Konami thought process.” If I stray from that anywhere, sorry! I’m trying to be as objective as possible here. Forbidden: Card Destruction -Card Destruction has always been a problematic card. Not that in and Read more

Hey everyone, drummerjmm here, and Ban List speculation season is upon us once more! 6 months ago you guys seemed to thoroughly enjoy my thought process on the list in comparison to the big names like Joe Giorlando and Billy Brake, so I figured I’d set out on writing an article on it once again. First and foremost, this will not be a “What I Want” list. The following is intended to analyze the issues in the current meta and resolve them in a sensible fashion based on logic and reason. If you’re looking for a list that trashes decks Read more

Hey everybody! Jeremy McBride [drummerjmm] here with my newest ARG article! Some of you may know me from YouTube, some from any of my previous ARG articles, but most of you probably know me from my activity throughout various Yugioh groups on Facebook. Today I’m here looking for the chance to connect with you all much more often through ARG by directly helping you with any decks you may feel just aren’t quite where they should be! To start off this possible reign as doctor, I’m met with the challenge of working with decks provided by two of our very Read more

Hey guys. My name is Jeremy [drummerjmm] McBride, and some of you may know me through the Yugi-Community via both Facebook and YouTube, if not, I would love to get to know you! With introductions out of the way, I’ve had major positive feedback about my ideals for the upcoming list, and I write this article in hopes of getting it out to as many of you as possible. Lets cut to the chase: Forbidden: Monster Reborn Wind-up Hunter Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning Five-Headed Dragon Limited: Magician of Faith Lightpulsar Dragon Inzektor Centipede Tribe-Infecting Virus Evolzar Read more

Hey everybody! Happy to be back again for a 3rd time! I’m glad to see the comments left for me on my other articles, and the support I’ve had from so many of you offsite on places like Facebook. Many of you probably saw my previous Hero article where I alluded to a true Chaos Hero deck I was working on, and here it is! Remember, around the Yu-Gi-Oh community I go by the name dummerjmm, so if you see that name anywhere, be sure to come say Hi!. There are really only 2 kinds of Elemental Hero players these Read more

Hey everybody! Jeremy McBride again, and I’m glad to be back! We’ve seen articles already pertaining to how and what to sidedeck, and I’m hoping to steer away from that by rather looking at a few various cards, be them sided or mained, and where their place fits in the current and future meta. Remember, around the Yu-Gi-Oh community I go by the name dummerjmm, so if you see that name on sites like Dueling Network or YouTube, be sure to come say Hi!. The first thing you need to have a good comprehension of is what the current meta Read more

Hey everybody! First things first I figure I should introduce myself. My name is Jeremy McBride and I am an avid Stun player. I’ve been a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh since its original release, but only started playing at the very end of the TeleDad era. Competitively I’ve competed across the midwest for the better part of the last year, and even made my way to Nationals 2011, where I placed in the top 15%. Around the Yu-Gi-Oh community I go by the name dummerjmm, so if you see that name on sites like YouTube or Dueling Network, be sure to Read more