Yugioh and Life

Hello everyone, my name is Jeremy Tucker. I come from the small town of Seymour, CT. My “local” card shop is “Gaming ETC” in Stratford, CT. Although I’ve played the game since it’s birth, I’m not a known name right now in the competitive Yugioh circuit, with limited funds and time. I may be known locally for other things, like blowing $100.00 at a time in the “Duel Terminals” (naively thinking it could result in a profit) or persistently using a “Fiend” deck. Enough about me, on to the article! I cannot tell you how many games I’ve played. I Read more

I’m going to start this with a little about myself. My name is Jeremy Tucker. I’ve been playing Yugioh for just about 10 years, and love the game just as much now as I did way back then. You’ve probably never heard of me, as I don’t make it to as many events as I’d like to, being a young father and pretty much strapped for cash most of the time, but I keep up with the meta and know the top decks, but I don’t use them. Throughout the years I have made many, many of my own decks. Read more