Drafting Battle Pack 3. Part 2: Drafting Monsters

Welcome back to part two of the eight part series on how to successfully draft Battle Pack 3. In this segment I will be going over the monsters in this set and break down the categories they fall into. Once I explain the three categories of monsters I will rank the monsters in order of how well they will perform in a draft. There will be some spots that are debatable and it is important to remember that a card is not always better than another in a draft. The three categories that I put monsters into for this set Read more

Hello everyone, I am writing a series of articles on everything you need to know regarding drafting Battle Pack 3. A lot of my friends consider me to be quite knowledgeable in the field of drafting, and many others have asked for my assistance in drafting for the top 16 of a YCS. In these upcoming articles I will be explaining the top cards in the set, pick choices, drafting strategy, theory behind picking certain cards over others, and some other stuff I think is important too. I’ve talked to many players who were able to make it to the Read more