Top 4 Feature Match: Larry Musgrove (Dragon Rulers) vs. Sean Mccabe (Constellar)

There’s always those stories of the odd rogue deck tearing through a tournament’s fiber as, for whatever reason, it manages to defy the law of the meta. From the shackles of oppressive attrition they struggle and rarely ever are they rewarded for it. So it is that we bring you a match unthinkable for many this deep into the ARG Circuit.   GAME 1 Musgrove started things off by banishing Blaster with Gold Sarcophagus to add Blaster. He then pitched Flamvell Guard with Consonance to draw two. This was followed by pitching Corsesca with Tempest to search Tidal. Finally, he Read more

We’re here at the ARG Circuit to bring you folks the eternal war between the Dragon Ruler variants! Will young Leverett come out on top as we saw yesterday? The hands of fate might seem to suggest so. Both duelists cast the die and as nice as North’s 10 off two 6 sided die was, Leverett’s 11 was a little nicer.   GAME 1 Leverett activated Ravine and pitched Tempest to add Phalanx. He then Terraformed for a second Ravine which was activated over the other other one to pitch the added Phalanx and add Dux. When he summoned Dux and Read more

Sometimes events like these are the best opportunities to see newcomers come into their own. That being the case, it’s my pleasure to bring you a match between seasoned vet Wesley Johnson and young Zach Leverett.   GAME 1 Wesley won the roll and would be going first. He started off modestly, with setting 1 backrow before ending. Zach opened to a hand of Dragunity Dux, Tempest, Dragon Ravine, Upstart Goblin, Solemn Warning, and Castle of Dragon Souls. He started his turn by pitching Tempest to dump Phalanx. Then, when he dropped Dux and attempted to dougie, Wesley stopped him Read more

Overpowering as the top tier may be, there are those who would war against the expected no matter the circumstance. But when it comes down to it, is that enough to take down behemoths? Let’s take a look at the match between Eaton Guo and Mark Velez to find out!   GAME1 Having won the die roll, Eaton starts with the strong play of Evilswarm Heliotrope backed by 4 backrow. Velez pitches Corsesca for Tempest to tutor Blaster. Next, he banishes Tidal and Corsesca to drop Blaster which tutors him another Tidal. Blaster swings over Heliotrope and Guo eats some damage. Read more

In every format there is the inevitable ‘best deck’ which rises to the cream of the meta. In these times, the mirror match exists as a testament to a player’s skill and can so far as to highlight the greatest shortcomings of a game. So it is that we have the honor of bring you two Dragunity Ruler pilots, Brandon Wigley and Benjamin Deeter, pushing their decks the boundary of broken! The die is cast, choosing Wigley to go first!   GAME 1 Wigley opens to a hand of Tempest, Dragon Ravine, Raigeki Break, Dragunity Dux, Dragunity Phalanx and Castle Read more

Round one we have the pleasure of highlighting a match between Johnathan Hughes and Jordan Winters. Jordan Winters is fresh off his top in Toronto only a month ago, but that doesn’t deter Hughes the slightest as shown by the hunger in his eyes. Following a shake and a roll, Winters is chosen to go first.   GAME 1 He starts his turn conservatively, summoning a Card Trooper to mill Maxx “C”, Poki Poki Draco, and Dragunity Corsesca. He pitches Tempest with Tempest to tutor Blaster, sets 1 backrow and passes. Hughes begins by banishing Tidal to draw two with Read more

There Name: Eli Schuart Hometown: Wyoming Locals: Phoenix Anime Games Deck for the day: Mermails What deck are you afraid of: Dragunity Rulers & Normal Dragons What are prepared for: “Dragons, Madolche, and Constellar. Oh, and the mirror. I’ve got a side filled with Debunks that says so.” What do you think of the format: “It’s pretty good, but not once Sixth Sense comes out.” What do you think of Sixth Sense: “It’s a stupid card and should’ve been auto banned like Temple of the Kings”     Name: Vince “Turbosack” Campana Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio Locals: Altereality Games Deck for the Read more