Deck Doctor Round 2 - Justin Diaz

What’s up everyone! I hope everyone has had a wonderful thanksgiving and took advantage of the great deals ARG offered during the weekend. In today;s deck doctor I am here to fix up Alex Vansant’s X-Saber deck. X-sabers became a powerful deck that dominated the format after XX-Saber Emmersblade and XX-Saber Darksoul were released in The Shinning Darkness. The deck won U.S. Nationals in 2010 and continued to win 2 YCS. XX-Sabers have always used the same strategy to use floaters and recruiters to set up massive combos that OTK your opponent or lock them down. X-Sabers: 41 Monsters: 18 Read more

Hello Yu-Gi-Oh community! I would like to start off this article by introducing myself, my name is Justin Diaz im 16 years old and i live in Brooklyn, NY. i have been playing the game for a while but started to play competetivly the beggining of this year. a few weeks back i decided i wanted to play something diffrent at a regionals so i decided to run worms. at the regionals i went 6-2 coming in 11th barely missing the top8 cut. at the start of a day i versed a plant deck then lost round 2 to lightsworn. i Read more