Finals: Nate Forte vs Aaron Furman

Welcome to the Finals of Alter Reality Games Circuit Series Washington D.C.! Wow that was a mouthful to say… Anyways, we have Nate Forte piloting Madolches facing off against Aaron’s Geargia Hands! This is the absolute finals of the main event so the winner takes the day! Remember, for Finals we have made the matches a Best of 5 instead of a Best of 3   Game 1: Nate will start things off after winning the die roll. He begins his turn by summoning Madolche Mageleine and searching for Madolche Anjelly with its effect. He then set 2 to end. Read more

Welcome to Top 8 Alter Reality Gamers! Jordano was a featured player from Day 1 where he dominated a Bujin deck in a quick 2-0 victory. Will he be able to pull out the same kind of game ending power that he did before? Or will Luis be able to show him just what the Bujin deck is actually made of? Let’s get into the game! Game 1: Luis will start off the game by setting Solemn Warning and Kaiser Colosseum before summoning Bujin Yamato. In the End Phase Yamato added Bujin Mikazuchi to his hand before sending Bujingi Hare Read more

It’s coming down to the wire, but there are two rounds left in the day! In this match it’s a battle of control decks as Bujins take on Fire Fist Traptrix! People are convinced that Fire Fist are a dead deck, but Jordano Ibrihan looks to change that outlook entirely! But first he has to get over Nicholas Ramsammy’s powerful Bujin deck. Let’s get into the game! Game 1: Nicholas starts the duel by activating Fire Formation – Tenki, allowing him to search for a Bujin Yamato before setting 1 to his backrow, playing Kaiser Colosseum and sending Bujingi Turtle Read more

  Game 1: Calvin starts off with Geargiarsenal into Geargiarmor. He sets the armor and 3 more cards before ending his turn. Vinnie set Fire Hand and 5 S/T cards before ending. Calvin activated Geargiagear for double Geargiano MK-2 Calvin flipped Armor to get Accelerator before overlaying his MK-2s into Gear Gigant X. He activated Gigant’s effect but fell into a Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare! Undeterred, Calvin Normal Summons MK-2 for his turn, activating its effect to special summon another MK-2 from his grave. Vinnie activated Artifact Ignition, destroying Artifact Beagalltach and setting an Artifact Moralltach from his deck. Beagalltach Read more

We’ve seen Evilswarm once today already, losing out to the HAT deck piloted by James Frazier. Now the deck gets to try again in the capable hands of Daniel Cunningham as he tries to take down Aaron Furman’s Geargia deck. Aaron won the dice roll and elected to take the first turn, so let’s get right to it! Game 1: Aaron summoned Geargiarsenal and tributed it away for Geargiarmor and set 4 to his backrow before deciding to pass. Daniel drew to 6 in hand before special summoning Evilswarm Mandragora. He then Normal Summoned Evilswarm Heliotrope and overlaid into Evilswarm Read more

James Frazier is here piloting a unique version of the HAT deck that took YCS Philly by storm! But if there is anything that can answer the constant advantage and +1 power of the HAT deck it is devilishly consistent Evilswarm deck! Can Wesley pull out the win? Game 1: James begins the duel by drawing to 6 total cards before activating Pot of Duality, revealing another Duality, Majesty’s Fiend and Dimensional Prison. He grabbed the other Duality before setting Fire Hand and 2 backrow to end his turn. Wesley drew for his turn before setting 3 and passing his Read more

  (NOTE: I built this deck before the announcement of Bujingi Sinyou, but I don’t feel that the deck would change much even with him available) Bujins are by and far one of my favorite archetypes to have been released in the game of Yu-Gi-Oh!. They have slowly gained more and more power over the past 3 sets we have gotten. While we have yet to receive any kind of broken TCG exclusive, Bujins have recently cemented themselves as part of the national metagame and it is difficult to miss or overlook their strengths. The Bujin deck is geared towards Read more

Ever since the release of Crossroads of Chaos, Zombies have been somehow surviving and seeing at least some play in every format. As fun and powerful as some of the Zombies are, they haven’t really seen any competitive success since the limiting of [ccProd]Plaguespreader Zombie[/ccProd] and [ccProd]Mezuki[/ccProd]. Slowly, the Forbidden and Limited list has forgiven Zombies for the show of force they had back in their prime and both of the key monsters I listed above have come completely off of the list altogether. Unfortunately, that still wasn’t enough of a boost to push them back over the top to be Read more

Admassu elects to go first, setting a monster and 4 backrow before giving Joey his first turn. Joey plays Fire Formation – Tenki, knowing Admassu doesn’t main MST before searching for Bujin Mikazuchi. He then activates an Upstart Goblin into yet another Upstart Goblin before finally getting to a new card. He summons Bujin Yamato before setting 1 backrow and moving to the end phase. Admassu activates Skill Drain by paying 1000 lifepoints before Yamato can resolve his effect. Joey 8000, Admassu 9000 Admassu draws for his turn and passes it back to Joey. Joey attacks Admassu’s set White Stone Read more

Joey Chou sends some shootouts to his friends in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico! Jesus Suarez however sends a shoutout to his sponsors and just in general awesome people, Caesar Selinas, Javier Vasquez and TCS. Game 1 Jesus will start things off with a handshake and drawing to 6 cards before playing Fire Formation – Tenki to search for Coach Soldier Wolfbark from his deck. He summons Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Bear and sets Mystical Space Typhoon, Mind Crush and Fiendish Chain. Joey Chou summons out Bujin Yamato before playing Pot of Duality into MST, Dark Hole Read more