Casual Magic: Thats Where It’s At

What is “casual magic?” Is it casual as opposed to formal magic, kind of like a magic dress down day? When I hear casual magic I imagine Merlin in khaki shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. For all you newbies casual magic is the place to be, at least for me that is. Casual magic is where it’s at in the Magic the Gathering world. Perhaps those who play professional tournaments would have something to say about that, but you have to begin somewhere and that somewhere is with a couple of friends or family or both, sitting around the kitchen Read more

Man Mirrodin sucks right now. Who’d want to be on the crummy, metal, plane anyway? Doesn’t it have like, three suns too? I don’t like the sunlight too much. It seems like everyone thinks that the Phyrexians are going to win. I have to admit, Phyrexian oil was a really great idea. I mean, I wouldn’t have thought of that, well I might not have thought of it. I suppose extinction sure makes you get inventive. So everyone’s yammering about the Phyrexians saying “those poor Mirran’s, they don’t have a chance”, etc, etc, etc. I don’t know. Personally, though I Read more