Introducing NEWGIOH

Last year I wrote an article about Why You Should Play Goat Format and I argued that Goat Format had something for everyone. It was fun, cheap, simple, popular, skillful, and most importantly, it was the most logical starting point for a new custom format because it wouldn’t take much effort for players to acclimate to its card pool. NEWGIOH is that custom format. What is NEWGIOH? NEWGIOH is a custom format based on the popular Goat Format and the NEWGIOH Forbidden & Limited List are changes with respect to that format. Cards released in limited quantities at the time, such as Read more

Disclaimer: I’m sharing this under the assumption you know all about Goat Format, but if you’re new to the game (and by “new” I mean that you only started playing within the last decade) then you may not know that Goat Format was the April 2005 TCG Format, and it was called as such because Goat Control decks dominated every major event throughout the format. For a more detailed look into the format, you can read Michael Bonacini’s “Intro to Goat Control,” Patrick Hoban’s “A History of Competitive Play: April-Oct 2005,” and these Goat Format interviews. There are a lot of us who look back at Goat Format with fond Read more