The Hottest Tech of Next Format!

Hey duelists!  With the TCG banlist finally revealed, I felt like it was time to make another article.  This time, I’ll be touching on certain card choices that you might have passed over when making your new deck for the upcoming format.  With the September-December list, many game-defining staples were hit quite hard by the list.  Compulsory, Torrential, D. Fissure, Bottomless, etc. were all prominent cards you auto-added to any decklist you made.  However, with the newest list, you might be wondering what sort of things you might want to replace certain cards with.  Well, here’s the perfect guide for Read more

“I just thought it’d be quite fun to write up a report of my recent (and first!) experience judging for a YCS, so here’s my report about YCS San Diego! I woke up Friday morning at 9 AM to start getting ready for the hectic weekend that was approaching.  Around 11, my friend arrives and picks me up and we head for SD.  It only takes about an hour and a half, so we arrive at around 1:30 PM to the hotel.  I head up and meet with my friend Brandon, and we relax for a bit before I go Read more