SCG Kansas City, The Two Sides of the Same Coin

I’m not going to lie to you, playing Delver is wearing on me. I’ve had fairly good success with the deck, topped a few Opens, won my first Pro Tour invite in my two years of playing, and made me easily thousands of dollars in the process between real life and Magic Online. Unfortunately, every loss I take with that deck I take very personally. You see, I’ve put more hours into playing that deck than dollars I’ve won with it, and that is a sobering fact. The deck is the best deck in standard by far, it has all Read more

Another week has come and gone in the world of magic and we again have more results to sort through, and while much of it is most of the same, I’ll be primarily talking about an under the radar deck! SCG D.C. has come and gone, with U/W Delver variants taking up nearly half of the top sixteen spots and Naya variants close behind with four of these slots. Two of the top four decks were the new SCG Blue Delver deck, eschewing Restoration Angel and instead championing Hero of Bladehold and Mental Missteps to protect them from those pesky Read more

Hello readers! My name is Matthew Hoey, some of you from the Midwest might know me from events around here, and others of you may have seen me on coverage, either way, hello again! I’m here today to talk a tad about my deck choice for the StarCity St Louis legacy open, why I chose it, and what I’d expect moving forward, but first a little introduction. I first began playing magic competitively at around the time of Rise of Eldrazi, my first real event was Illinois States in 2010. That isn’t to say that I hadn’t played magic before Read more